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By Radhakrishna Marar
  Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed has big implications for the social web. One of Twitter’s...
Tags: internet facebook twitter real time search friendfeed
324 referals, 5 arguments, 201 views  
By sumitra dutta
It is seen that Google is sometimes misled with the term “search” which is the center of our...
Tags: google microsoft search engine google search google phone google nexus one google goggles
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By Virag Shah
Glad to hear that Google has come up with new look again. Today, it found the new look on Google...
Tags: google google service google new look google made change in home page google innovation
641 referals, 25 arguments, 342 views  
By Neelam Mishra
Facebook overtook Google to become the most popular site in the US for the first time last week,...
Tags: google facebook internet search engine
By Shaikh Mohd. Laeeq
Here are some tips that help you use  Google Buzz  in new interesting ways. 1.  Send direct...
Tags: google facebook social networking twitter android open source google buzz
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