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268 referals, 60 arguments, 1766 views  
By Shahid Siddiqui
In a historic judgement, the Delhi High Court legalised consensual sex among gays on Thursday (2...
Tags: debate homosexuality
10 referals, 7 arguments, 228 views  
By soumya
In a historic judgment, the Delhi High Court legalized consensual sex among gays. The court...
Tags: consensual sex
9 referals, 26 arguments, 557 views  
By sachin
NEW DELHI: A woman is raped in the Indian capital every 24 hours and, in an overwhelming...
1481 referals, 47 arguments, 4381 views  
By Sonam Kapoor
Chief Justice of India (CJI) K G Balakrishnan on Sunday said there was an urgent need to ban...
Tags: porn cji chief justice of india pornography ban porn websites porn websites hate speeches
517 referals, 159 arguments, 16470 views  
By Kavitha Shankar
In India, these days, rape cases is found in daily news. We can see many cases like these in...
Tags: delhi rape ruchika goa rathore haryana victim rape cases accused death penalty
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