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By Abraham Paul
True; homosexuality is prevalent in every society from the beginning of human race and so is...
Tags: voice your opinion on legitimizing homosexuality by law in the indian context is right or wrong.
1699 referals, 52 arguments, 609 views  
By prashi rastogi
yes,,it is vs no,,homosexuality does not impair one"s ability to function
Tags: is homosexuality a mental illness
268 referals, 60 arguments, 1766 views  
By Shahid Siddiqui
In a historic judgement, the Delhi High Court legalised consensual sex among gays on Thursday (2...
Tags: debate homosexuality
461 referals, 20 arguments, 236 views  
By Aarti Gupta
19 parents go to SC to stop the State from criminalising their children. In an extraordinary...
Tags: supreme court transgender gay family values lesbian bisexual
249 referals, 36 arguments, 1728 views  
By Dinesh Arora
Yes vs No
Tags: do we support gay or lesbian relationship in india
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