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By Abraham Paul
True; homosexuality is prevalent in every society from the beginning of human race and so is...
Tags: voice your opinion on legitimizing homosexuality by law in the indian context is right or wrong.
268 referals, 60 arguments, 1766 views  
By Shahid Siddiqui
In a historic judgement, the Delhi High Court legalised consensual sex among gays on Thursday (2...
Tags: debate homosexuality
461 referals, 20 arguments, 236 views  
By Aarti Gupta
19 parents go to SC to stop the State from criminalising their children. In an extraordinary...
Tags: supreme court transgender gay bisexual family values lesbian
517 referals, 22 votes, 2217 views  
By Darshana Sawant
According to a recent survey done by China Market Research Group , it is said that women often...
Tags: organisation boss promotion female employee male employee
93 referals, 9 answers, 162 views  
Asked by Shahid Siddiqui
An Indian court overturned an archaic law yesterday on 2 nd July and decriminalised...
Tags: india legal
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