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By Mathew
The exorbitant salaries paid to the CEOs without thinking about the actual profit these people...
Tags: unearthly salaries
797 referals, 8 votes, 1772 views  
By Darshana Sawant
As we can see daily, while doing negotiation of salary, most of the employees gets squeamish and...
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By Darshana Sawant
Being in today's job market, experiencing the 'rolling stone' feeling, it might have taken away...
Tags: salary salary negotiation steps to ensure salary you want
By Kriti Das
In India, there is a large difference in the salary structure of men and women. The average...
Tags: india jobs women salary men one third
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By Indu Thakkar
We hear this again and agian and we will hear this till long.. The world is full of...
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