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By sachin lakharia lakharia
Many from IITK have ventured into recruitment space. Can we build a list of such...
Tags: jobs iit jobs in india kanpur iit k indian institute of technology iit kanupur
0 referals, 5 votes, 593 views  
By sachin lakharia lakharia
I think there are many from IIT Kanpur who are into corporate leadership role in various...
Tags: iit k iit vision 2020
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By Subrata Mitra
There are many who have made it big after passing out from IIT Kanpur, who have ventured out on...
Tags: iit's iit k who is the top entrepreneur who has passed out from iit k
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corruption in india
Tags: who should we blame for corruption ?
0 referals, 2 comments, 77 views  
                   Corruption in IIT Kanpur     Everybody will be thinking that how and why I am...
Tags: corruption misuse of national money
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