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By Shishir Mishra
This Data is a shocker............ The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the January...
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By Surendra Sinha
What do you say?
Tags: recession crisis layoffs job loss employee layoff retrenchment
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By Nasir Hussain
With recession prevailing I see more and more people getting laid off daily , which has create a...
Tags: jobs recession crisis layoff job loss lay off unemployment layoff 2009 layoff in india layoff list laid off
By Neelam Mishra
Economic recession: What alternatives companies can have other than Layoffs? Businesses are...
Tags: jobs recession layoff job loss lay off unemployment job layoff corporate layoffs layoff 2009 layoff news
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By Balaji Ramamoorthy
Hi friends.... According to a web report, Wipro has given marching orders to as many as 33 of...
Tags: recession layoff employee layoffs job layoffs company layoff employee retrenchment wipro layoffs wipro india wipro firing layoffs at wipro
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By Ashish Soni
Sapient Corp. became the latest e-consultant forced into major cutbacks by the economic...
Tags: layoff employee layoffs job layoffs sapient layoffs company layoff employee retrenchment sapient layoffs at sapient india recession sapient india sapient firing
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