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By Sujatha srivastava
Not only did Microsoft practically invent the industry-standard interview technique, but it’s...
Tags: entrepreneur venture capital startups ex-employees microsoft employees startups by ex-employees
Looking at current nuclear plant meltdown @ Japan, shall we stop the Nuclear Plant Program in India?
Tags: about nuclear plants
562 referals, 37 arguments, 866 views  
By Namrata Pathak
  Recently, by recognizing the technical innovations of young Indian engineers, Massachusetts...
Tags: industry mit indian engineers young engineers kiran majumdar shaw indian academia
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By Sudeep Tarafdar
Looking at the rising number of entrepreneurs in India. What skills are adequate to run a...
Tags: Product Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Idea Successful Run Venture
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By Manyatha Technologies
OPENINGS AT iTTI Consultant - MS Dynamics NAV LS Retail  Experience 5 -7 relevant experience...
Tags: jobs in india india jobs jobs in banglore jobs it banglore jobs.. banglore it jobs it jobs banglore it consulting & software services
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