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By Abhijit Dixit
Industry standards (which themselves are debatable) suggesr that 25% of the total development...
Tags: Development Testing Effort Invested
562 referals, 37 arguments, 866 views  
By Namrata Pathak
  Recently, by recognizing the technical innovations of young Indian engineers, Massachusetts...
Tags: industry mit indian engineers indian academia young engineers kiran majumdar shaw
2 referals, 7 votes, 517 views  
By Smita Dalvi
"Agile" the word that has gained so much importance in all these days, it is sure that most of...
Tags: best practices agile spring agile development scrum agile requirements
0 referals, 15 arguments, 190 views  
By Sriram Raghavan
I open this debate for community members present here. Can we shop safely on internet by...
Tags: ONLINE Shopping Secure Ever
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By Manyatha Technologies
OPENINGS AT iTTI Consultant - MS Dynamics NAV LS Retail  Experience 5 -7 relevant experience...
Tags: jobs in india india jobs jobs in banglore banglore jobs.. jobs it it consulting & software services banglore it jobs it jobs banglore
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