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By Mrigena Ray
Recession in the current economic climate is certainly playing a big part in a tighter control...
Tags: recession ii sales
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By Rajesh Kona
If the confidence of financial services firms was shaken by this year's subprime mortgage...
Tags: It Technology Banks Financial Services Budget Firms Spending BFSI
Asked by Gaurav Taneja
According to me mostly it is on security. Please give your views.
Tags: Executive Tech Bulk Spent
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By Uday Singh
Here in December, some of you are sighing with relief that your budget process is over. Others...
Tags: It Value Really CIO Means ROI Metrics

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By sumitra dutta
As we all know that 2009 was the most challenging year for CIOs in the corporate and public...
Tags: it budget 2010
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By Ayan Choudhury
A small good news amongst many bad ones... In a big relief from cumbersome tax filing process...
Tags: it tax income tax pranab mukherjee budget 2011 income tax return online filing of it
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By sanjay dey
It will give some support to the deficit vs It is far cry from the actual defecit
Tags: rail budget-2012-13
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By Srikanth Sakhumalla
America goes voting soon. Will Obama be successful in making some policy changes affecting...
Tags: Business Recession Us Really Hitting
Friends,      I am somewhat surprised to see today's Budget. Shall we say this as a more...
Tags: economy budget gdp
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