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By Ramdas Pawar
About ITC Infotech ITC Infotech India Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd, is one of the...
Tags: INDIA Growth SCM Supply Chain Management SONY Looking It Sector Region NIKE INFOTECH Ltd Resource Planning TC ERP Enterprise ITC INFOTECH BRITISH-AMERICAN Tobacco SAMTEL And PRIMAX

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By Virag Shah
Brand:- Sun feast Dar Fantasy by ITC ltd. Punchline: - Escape into one Segment:- Premium barnd...
Tags: sunfeast biscuits dark fantasy
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By varsha
  India has attracted increasing attention from multinational retailers in recent years....
Tags: INDIAN Ten Retailing Facts Global Trends/Retail Management
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By Rakesh Chakraborty
The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex on Monday closed over the 16,000-point level for the...
Tags: investment stocks shares sensex share prices 16k
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By Virag Shah
A Well- known brand Happydent by Perfetti Van Melle has released new “sugar free chewing gum” in...
Tags: happydent chewing gum happydent white happydent gum happydent complete happydent wave happydent sugar free
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