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By Rashmi Sharma
The Buddha told the story of a merchant, a widower, who went away in a business trip and left...
Tags: jobs attitude training change knowledge corporate perception buddha
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By Srikanth Bhamidi
16 Steps to Becoming a Learning Organization   Step 1: Commitment   Most important, an...
Tags: Training Organization Steps Becoming Training Development Learning Organisation
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By Dipak Mawale
We all know that creativity breeds innovation. But if you look at the stereotypical office,...
Tags: Hr Training Creativity ELEARNING Where's Second Life
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By Nashik M
Can anybody tell me about the best training centers for analytics in Bangalore - and some...
Tags: Training Analytics

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By B D Narayankar
Hero Mindmine inaugurates world-class learning centre for imparting English training B D...
Tags: Training ENGLISH Centre Hero World-Class MINDMINE Imparting Inaugurates
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By Abhijit Anand Prabhudan
There's a movement for open access , open source educational content, but it needs to be...
Tags: skills affordable lifelong learning open content
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By Dee Allan
The UK, US and to some extent parts of the Australian recruitment sectors are extremely mature....
Tags: hr education training recruitment development e learning online training social learning redmos
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By Online Training in SAP
Online Training in SAP provides hands-on training in all SAP technologies across the world. Our...
Tags: e-learning online training sap online training it training
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