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By Shashikant Rajak
Friends, the change in technology and individual expectations and behaviors has resulted in the...
Tags: hr 2010 trends in hr future of the employment relationship trends in employment relationship
721 referals, 23 arguments, 1802 views  
By Darshana Sawant
Though things are looking a little brighter and recession is slowly fading away, the job market...
Tags: jobs employee organization companies employer hiring employment hire over qualified
1474 referals, 29 votes, 1339 views  
By Nikhil Jain
Having been unable to land in well-paid jobs, several graduates with additional professional...
Tags: jobs employees employment graduates job vacancy porter employment opportunities coolie
Is the need for Project Management (PM) felt across domains? Do employers and employees alike...
Tags: management strategy project recruitment employers
1207 referals, 5 votes, 1268 views  
By Darshana Sawant
Call it what you want — being laid off or downsized, getting dismissed or fired, receiving your...
Tags: employment loss job loss financial planning
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