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2046 referals, 15 votes, 852 views  
By Puja Sarkar
Very often managers try to live by some seeming expectations of business and simply play out...
Tags: project management myths it projects team leader managing projects it project manager team manager
71 referals, 6 votes, 292 views  
By Ajay Kashyap
Dear friends, from past few days, I've been thinking how project management matters in present...
Tags: project management role turbulent times
4 referals, 1 comments, 863 views  
By Jitena Kumar Rawat
Ethics has been the topic of several separate conversations I have had recently. One friend...
Tags: Project Management Project Company Ethics
24 referals, 3 comments, 243 views  
By RanjithKumar Panjabikesan, PMP
A great manager displays many attributes and skills.   This self-evaluation can help you...
Tags: Project Management Strategy Consulting Effective Yourself Evaluate Checklist

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21 referals, 11 votes, 1267 views  
By Angyan P. Jagathnarayanan
It must be clear to all that it is the uniqueness that defines a project. Based on this...
Tags: project management pm body of knowledge
87 referals, 5 votes, 630 views  
Tags: difference between managing the civil engineering projects and other projects
0 referals, 5 votes, 1206 views  
By Joseph Abraham
What are some of the things you have heard Project Management skeptics say, and what have you...
Tags: Project Management Project Project Managers Myths Misconceptions
3 referals, 2 votes, 477 views  
By Tharakaraman Janaarthanan
Any project of any size and any complexity can be professionally planned, executed, monitored...
Tags: project planning primavera enterprise project management
152 referals, 11 votes, 724 views  
By Samir Das
  Please share one project management practice that has always helped you in all the projects...
Tags: project management project management steps trends in project management
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