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By Kiran Kumar Reddy
AT 7 p.m. I am eagerly waiting for prime time news. The headline which was flashed at the bottom...
Tags: trp popularity black side of media today's media: grabbing eyeballs than actual news.... media attention media pit falls

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Asked by Nikhil
Sania- Shoaib - Ayesha triangle, it is becoming a breaking news infct Time now went ahead and...
Tags: media trp rating
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By Sudeep Tarafdar
Day in and out there is baseless news which is being showed by the media on a regular basis, it...
Tags: News TV Viewership TRPS News Stories Media Channels Nonsense News News Report
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By Himanshu Pathak
The recent strike which was called by the The Federation of Western Cine Employees (FWICE) ...
Tags: It Television Reality Shows Strike TV Channels Justified Viewership TRPS TV Workers Media Market
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By Yash Singh
A Sting Operation is an operation designed to catch a person committing a crime by means of...
Tags: Journalism Need TV Operations Really Crime TV Channels News Channels Scandals Viewership TRPS Sting Sting Operation
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