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By Ratnakar Naik
We come across obese in every ten children and according to many surveys the figure is...
Tags: health risks healthcare hospitals youth children obesity
116 referals, 5 votes, 364 views  
By Disha Roy
Junk food in and around schools in the city of Delhi could soon be history. The Delhi High Court...
Tags: junk foods junk food habits eating junk foods kids and junk foods
0 referals, 9 arguments, 10062 views  
By Himanshu Pathak
As there is more and more forms of media emerging day by day don't you think there must be a...
Tags: INTERNET Media TV Lifestyles Youth Radio Movies Positive Influence TV Shows Cinema Led Youngsters Positive Favourite Show Newspaper News Anorexic
425 referals, 3 arguments, 56 views  
By Anita Rai
It's a research which may anger many busy parents who rely on processed foods to placate kids --...
Tags: health lifestyle child iq junk food
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By Bindu Narayan
Pregnancy and obesity are the big risk factors for Swine flu death according to a recent...
Tags: swine flu swine flu precautions swine flu deaths how to prevent swine flu swine flu tests
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