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By Prabhat nair
One of the tips that all the weight loss programmes give is to avoid fat foods. Well, Essential...
Tags: health weight loss fat obesity sugar efas

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By Suresh Prasad Gupta
Natural sugar substitute 'could help fight obesity and diabetes' This is an extract from a plant...
Tags: stevia a natural sugar substitute 'could help fight obesity and diabetes'
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By Alessandra Acciai
Raspberry ketones are a supplement and should be used in conjunction with your daily diet...
Tags: raspberry ketone raspberry ketone review raspberry ketones rasp raspberry berry ketones
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By Anita Rai
It's a research which may anger many busy parents who rely on processed foods to placate kids --...
Tags: health lifestyle child iq junk food
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By varsha
Speakers at the first day of Stevia World have focused on the potential of stevia sweeteners as...
Tags: stevia world puts stevia on the map as sugar replacer
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By Pooja Joshi
Tips For Cutting Down on Sugar By:   Reader's Digest Ten ways to get rid of the sweet stuff.  ...
Tags: tips for cutting down on sugar
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