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By V.Durga Rao
            Bill gates states that his wealth goes out everyday and enters his office every...
Tags: industry human resource organisation hr consulting indian organisations development etc. american style of management

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By Ankur Srivastava
Yes vs No
Tags: outsourcing start up company
By Ranjan Saha
Majority of the Indian corporate heads fear that the US recession could slow down the growth...
Tags: Outsourcing INDIAN INFOSYS Firms WIPRO Party SATYAM TATA Consultancy Services
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By Saurabh Agarwal
Due to the Financial crisis which has affected all the sectors but then one sector or industry is...
Tags: Outsourcing Law Financial Crisis Global Crisis Economic Crisis Financial Market Litigation LPOS Blessing Disguise
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By Bharat Satija
large global firm runs its trading desk out of Mumbai. Bookings for a leading airline are...
Tags: Outsourcing Safe Terror Attack Data Back Identity Threat
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The New concept of outsourcing of works by firms have seen a rapid increase in Indian...
Tags: outsouring by indian companies
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