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By Dr Rakesh Tyagi
The IT industry is victim to a fast growing disease manifesting itself in working associates in...
Tags: physio therapy head aches physical therapy slip disc carpal tunnel syndrome discomfort at neck or shoulder lack of vital force pain relief tennis elbow blood pressure variations
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By amit chaudhry
One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea, While our tools are ever...
Tags: Project Management Projects Idea Challenges Planning Human Nature Greatest Assignments Project Management Training
Asked by Santhosh Mogili
I would like to understand the top three pain points an organization or business faces when it...
Tags: It Top Environment Points Comes Three Data Backup
HOPE 3978=23
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By Prathibha Dasari
There are two donkeys A B - best of buddies. At the village fair A Is sold to a rich Arab while...
Tags: Not Today Improve May Hope Keeping It Will Certainly

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What is pain? 3048=17
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By Dr.Jitendra Kumar, MD
Tags: what is pain?
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By srirang gollerkeri
When a person whom you trust, hurts you vs The person whom you hurt, still trusts you? ..
Tags: what is more painful?
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                            -PAIN THEORY- When you have pains in Life,always remember this...
Tags: pain theory / positive way to look at pains.
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By Neha Saboo
Retail stores are now a days experiencing increase in transaction volumes , increase in customer...
Tags: customers retail store transaction complexity
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