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Like every year Google has now released the Google zeitgeist for most popular search terms for...
Tags: top most popular searches of 2010 people brands & more..
7 referals, 35 arguments, 489 views  
By Chandan Roy
I always wonder why brands fail or succeed. Why once popular brand ultimately fails. With right...
Tags: Time Kills Brand People
1432 referals, 16 votes, 460 views  
By Purvi Ghosh
Today too many options are available all around us and we see that people keep on jumping from...
Tags: brands brand management brand value brand name brand loyalty switching
276 referals, 10 votes, 563 views  
By Meena Deshmukh
Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using...
Tags: branding social media social marketing online shopping
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