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By Yash Singh
Just a few days ago, we saw Rahul Gandhi going in a Dalit's home and taking meal there....
Tags: politics congress bjp rahul gandhi nitin gadkari dalits eating meals
By ujjval jain
Well, some of here might find this is to be tough to love an Indian politician. Still I believe...
Tags: bjp mp atal bihari bajpai
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By Yash Singh
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is going the Congress way and is opting for a generational change...
Tags: congress bjp youth indian politics young politicians young ministers yongsters

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By Ayan Choudhury
Politics, it would appear, brings out the generosity in people who are bankrolling our political...
Tags: congress bjp indian politics cpm indian politicians political parties bsp ncp
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By Suhas Goel
" I cannot believe that such barbaric treatment has been meted out to a spiritual person." This...
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By Neelima Pandey
There is a lot of talk about Karnataka CM Yedyurappa to be show door for his Land scams?? And in...
Tags: bjp nitin gadkari bs yedyurappa yedyurappa land scam karnataka cm's land scam should yedyurappa step down on the wake of land scams...
By Rajiv Azad
Our beautiful country India a land of Swami Vivekananda and Bhagat Singh is confronting many...
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By Neelima Pandey
The BJP-led NDA launched its nation-wide campaign against the UPA at a rally in New Delhi....
Tags: prime minister 2g scam telecom spectrum scam bjp demands for pm manmohan singhs resignation pm resignation jpc probe