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427 referals, 11 arguments, 577 views  
a politician vs a leader
Tags: what india needs to build a bright future good politician or a good leader?
65 referals, 3 arguments, 0 views  
By Rohit Thakur
A Social worker vs A good Lawyer
Tags: who can be a good leader or politician
1 referals, 4 arguments, 163 views  
By Gopal Chopra
In recent years, the country has passively witnessed the deterioration in our security apparatus....
Tags: Security Failure Terror Attacks Right Leader
18 referals, 5 arguments, 363 views  
By Raghu Kastury
We find a lot of people talk, write and like to read morals, good sayings etc. We even go ahead...
Tags: truth life leader ways rules bad good regulations behaviour character morals ethcs
By magnificentbihar
They should work together to bring investment in Bihar. vs It is highly unlikely that they will...
Tags: development bihar lalu nitish
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