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251 referals, 9 arguments, 580 views  
By Roushan Lal Singh
Pros vs Cons
Tags: pros & cons of globalization
3 referals, 5 arguments, 164 views  
self employment vs job
Tags: job or self-employment which is better for a professional
227 referals, 7 arguments, 71 views  
By Suresh Prasad Gupta
Will training for UK's IT pros in India affect Indians in UK?         Bangalore: UK Prime...
Tags: will training for uk's it pros in india affect indians in uk?
1331 referals, 12 arguments, 264 views  
By Janaki Ram
In Germany they are considering a law that would ban employers from mining information on...
Tags: facebook social networking twitter social networking sites hiring talent management toostep orkut linkedin hiring through social networking sites
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