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By Himanshu Pathak
This is some serious issue that we are seeing in Australia where we have seen many Indian origin...
Tags: indian students racisim indian students in australia australia racist attacks
By Yash Singh
After all the racist attacks that one saw in Australia where Indians were targetted time and...
Tags: racism australian colleges restrict foreign students australian racist attacks
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By Sudeep Tarafdar
There has been a slew of racist attacks on Indians in Australia which has created a quite a big...
Tags: australia indian students melbourne racisim attack on indian students victoria australian racisim

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By Suhas Goel
atasha Chaku Melbourne, May 29 (PTI) In a fresh attack targeting Indians in Australia, a student...
Tags: india action government youth debate australia attacks racism
By Priyanka C Kale
Australian police has come up with absurd solutions for Indians i.e "Indians should not look...
Tags: racist attacks on indians in australia
1053 referals, 8 arguments, 215 views  
By Disha Roy
Following the recent controversy over Aishwarya Rai's 'whitened' face on the cover of Elle...
Tags: racism racism in india racism in australia racism victims racism in us
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By Yash Singh
Victorian police chief Simon Overland has advised Indian students in Australia to keep a low...
Tags: poor racial attacks australian attacks oz attacks look poor look poor to avoid attacks
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By Shaikh Mohd. Laeeq
Indian man set on fire in Melbourne In another attack on Indians in Australia, a 29-year-old man...
Tags: india education indian usa college australia england englishmen britan
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