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By Balram
Torture in custody is an affront to human dignity: Supreme Court The Hindu          Feb 08, 2009...
Tags: truth satyamev jayate law judiciary truth alone triumphs criminal justice system sach
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By Balram
The Twisted Truth of Yudhishthir and the teachings of Krishna..... Wikipedia        In the war...
Tags: truth satyamev jayate krishna mahabharat karma twisted truth yudhishthir

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Asked by Satya Venkataraman M
I am presently working on area of renewable energy, carbon financing , a research project....
Tags: energy and environment
LOVE 4984=17
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By Seema
Tags: love
By Ayan Choudhury
Its India V/s Pakistan networking sites are abuzz with "30th march...
Tags: india v/s pakistan indo-pak cricket match india v/s pakistan semifinal match taking off from office excuse for bunking office tomorrow
By Kavitha Shankar
The Indian Rupee will this fiscal join the elite league of global currencies like US dollar,...
Tags: currency dollars indian rupee pounds
By Dhairya kumar(ДХАИРЯ КУМАР )
Government trying to hide their sins vs Better way to teach them a lesson
Tags: is such type of treatment is right with any peaceful activites(ramdev's satyagrahi)?