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By Sheeba Riyas
I took some time away from everything to refrain and reflect, which did a great deal of good to...
Tags: think solutions issues problems positive personal growth emotions psychology hibernate personality development rest
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By abhijit kar
You must have read numerous articles on this subject  suggesting hundred of tips, but tell me...
Tags: leadership time management personal development self development
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By Action Aid Nandini g
Self-Worth “ Self-worth is not a thing; it is a perception. Just as a gymnast begins a routine...
Tags: power

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By Rahul Gautam
Whats your take on the self help groups which are there in the microfinance setup in our country?
Tags: Need MICROFINANCE Case Self Help Groups
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Asked by Omkar Bapat
What do you think, should Self Help Groups (SHG) should be allowed to take so much control in the...
Tags: Self Help Groups
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By Rajeev Sharma
I got this message from a well-meaning friend, so here it is in larger public interest.   IF YOU...
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By Rajeev Sharma
I got this info through a well-meaning friend who emailed it to me. The original email has a lot...
Tags: earthquake
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