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By Yash Singh
Indian-born fashion designer convicted of sexually abusing a string of teenage girls and women...
Tags: rape fashion designer anand jon 59 yrs for rape anand jon alexander
704 referals, 31 arguments, 884 views  
By raihan hassan
media is changing the society vs society is changing the media
Tags: is media changing our society or society changing the media
Asked by Prashanth G Malur
Its a question that haunts me after seeing the models heroins showing their belly n dancing...
Tags: bikini on screen
650 referals, 23 arguments, 226 views  
With the overall incidence of frauds rising in corporate India, there is a need for India Inc to...
Tags: india industry fraud kpmg report inc incident report private sector
506 referals, 3 comments, 4 views  
By Abraham Paul
Tech based Emergency Systems, Solutions and Services to deter vandals and hooligans....
Tags: tech based emergency systems
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