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By Nikhil Jain
This is the most recent discussions regarding impact of recession on HR policies. Skilled...
Tags: hr recession impact worth hr policies hr practices

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By JothiLakshmiP
Get the latest research on labor trends and find out how the impending global skills shortage...
Tags: preparing for a shortage of skilled employees
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By JothiLakshmiP
Free white paper to Preparing for a Shortage of Skilled Employees, For more details, click here ...
Tags: #ebook #hr
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By Darshana Sawant
As we all know in any kind of work environment, the better skills an employee has, the more he...
Tags: employee skills organisation
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By PS Dhingra
Whether in service, profession or business, we normally forget a very important aspect of life,...
Tags: hr strategy motivation performance management personal development self development work-life balance employee productivity employee development life skills training needs
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By Smita
Yes vs No
Tags: is training and development important ?
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