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Knowledge about: small states

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5 referals, 2 arguments, 187 views  
By chandra sekhar
whether UPA government playing game in separate Telangana issue
Tags: strategy politics
17 referals, 13 arguments, 830 views  
By chandra sekhar
Yes vs No
Tags: india division of states

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In India, when congress declared that a new state Telangana will be created from AP. Everyone in...
75 referals, 8 comments, 4607 views  
By Japan Shah
  The last few days, oh months there has been a great debate on the formation of a seperate...
Tags: india politics telengana
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By narayan
Development is good vs takes longer time..........
Tags: development of states if they are small is easy?
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By Raja KR
Fly ash bricks are accepted world widely. But in our small state Kerala, it is not available....
Tags: fly ash bricks
0 referals, 1 arguments, 8 views  
By phanindra
divide and rule is the main philosophy of the british.they did it for looting our country.and...
Tags: divide and rule
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