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753 referals, 46 arguments, 1747 views  
By Yogendra Singh Chauhan
The term ''Professional'' is used very frequently now a days.........what does it really...
Tags: marketing professional manager human resources engineer technocrat
443 referals, 12 arguments, 150 views  
By nalini kumar das
Practical skill vs Technically strong
Tags: for success what is really need?
575 referals, 35 arguments, 1494 views  
By Diya Mehra
As per the study released by the which analyzes more than 200 different jobs...
Tags: employee organization employer software engineer best jobs actuary manager worst jobs
By Pragya Kothari
The construction industry is in the grip of a talent crunch. With growing scale and increased...
Tags: construction sector shortfall talent crunch shortage of talent
1008 referals, 10 votes, 231 views  
By Abhishek Gupta
Tags: whats lacking in todays professionals
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