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By Isha Verma
With ban on toys imported from china. Will you still set up shop in China ? Is it worth the risk...
Tags: outsourcing china manufacturer contract manufacturing outsource manufacturing process manufacturing outsourcing manufacturing outsourcing jobs outsourcing manufacturing to china importing from china
1 referals, 0 comments, 69 views  
By Donn Kabiraj
GENEVA Friday, March 26th, 2010 : China overtook Germany last year to become the world's top...
Tags: data dollars exporter merchandise exported march 26th world trade organization trillion 2010 : china overtook germany last year to become the world's top geneva friday
594 referals, 9 arguments, 464 views  
By Leena Khade
From a past few months, it seems China is going to occupy the second rank after USA. Earlier we...
Tags: china usa japan united states no.1 status
7 referals, 1 votes, 23 views  
By Padmanabhan R
China dumped us bonds worth more than 34 billion us dollars, making Japan the highest holder of...
Tags: us treasury china selling
247 referals, 25 arguments, 710 views  
By Leena Pawar
IT companies in India like Wipro are considering China as the biggest, and perhaps the only,...
Tags: india it china competition rival
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