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2080 referals, 57 arguments, 6045 views  
By Hiren Sheth
This House believes that academic qualifications ensure success in life  This House believes...
Tags: success
172 referals, 84 arguments, 23414 views  
By Manoj Chaturvedi
As there are talks of Indian education system being privatised in India, According to the...
Tags: india education education system indian education privatisation of education privatisation
By krishna chaitanya devathi
The flexibility of changing in jobs is very different and difficult in India ( as far as my...
Tags: career gap
183 referals, 70 votes, 54774 views  
By Nikhil Jain
I want to know that if I am a company which can take help of any one job portal due to financial...
Tags: INDIA Best Recruitment Job Portal
643 referals, 176 arguments, 52869 views  
By Jayesh kenikar
Now, This will be an interesting debate, "Out of every 10 people born in this world , 9 work for...
Tags: business job future best
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