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By Dipti Mehta
Using two SIM cards in one phone is increasingly becoming an option that people are willing to...
Tags: TELECOM Mobile Telecommunication Phone Buying Mode Dual SIM Dual Mode

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By Shweta Nigam
This phone is just 8.49-millimetre thick!! The features of this phone include voice recognition...
Tags: smartphone world's slimmest smartphone samsung galaxy s ii
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By Mahalakshmi Subramanium
The mobile phone market is always abuzz in India with new and newer mobile phones launching...
Tags: mobile mobile phones nokia phones samsung mobile phones in india what are the top mobile phones of 2010 top 10 mobile phones top mobile 2010
133 referals, 6 arguments, 166 views  
By Smita Dalvi
MapmyIndia has announced the launch ‘ MapmyIndia Sygic Mobile Maps ’ to convert GPS-enabled...
Tags: mobile phones apps smartphones mobile application vas iphones mapmyindia
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By Priyanka Nath
Microsoft is investing heavily in its upcoming Windows Phone 7 launch. The software giant is...
Tags: windows 7 windows 7 phone windows 7 vs iphone windows 7 smart phone
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By Prarthana Devi
Next week, Motorola is launching a new phone "Droid" worth $200 as the company taps into the...
Tags: google iphone apple mobile phone smart phone motorola smartphones iphone apps verizon droid keyboard razr
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