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By Dipti Mehta
Using two SIM cards in one phone is increasingly becoming an option that people are willing to...
Tags: Mobile TELECOM Phone Telecommunication Mode Buying Dual SIM Dual Mode

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By Shweta Nigam
This phone is just 8.49-millimetre thick!! The features of this phone include voice recognition...
Tags: smartphone world's slimmest smartphone samsung galaxy s ii
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By Mahalakshmi Subramanium
The mobile phone market is always abuzz in India with new and newer mobile phones launching...
Tags: mobile phones nokia mobile phones samsung mobile phones in india top mobile 2010 top 10 mobile phones what are the top mobile phones of 2010
980 referals, 10 arguments, 216 views  
By Priyanka Nath
Microsoft is investing heavily in its upcoming Windows Phone 7 launch. The software giant is...
Tags: windows 7 windows 7 phone windows 7 vs iphone windows 7 smart phone
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By Prarthana Devi
Next week, Motorola is launching a new phone "Droid" worth $200 as the company taps into the...
Tags: google iphone apple mobile phone smart phone motorola smartphones verizon iphone apps droid keyboard razr
By Prashant Gajjar
Yes vs No
Tags: Mobile IPHONE Say High Definition Compare Costly
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