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Advanced wireless technologies

Tags : wireless, wireless technology, wireless network, wireless networking, networking, wireless router, wireless communications, system technologies,
Industry : communications and networking
Functional Area : new technologies
About "Advanced wireless technologies" topic:

This topic discusses future wireless technologies in detail.

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From satellite communications to cell phones, to keyless entry in cars, wireless is rapidly becoming the most profound technology of our age. However, unlike other prominent new developments such as plasma-screen televisions and iPODs, wireless is a background technology. It is a basic fabric for how electronic devices work together and, by freeing us from cables and wires, it is changing the way we use these devices. Try to imagine for a moment the television-viewing experience without that ubiquitous wireless device which we all take for granted — the remote control. Whether we notice it or not, wireless technology is everywhere and is changing the way we live, work and play. One such wir...
By : Brajesh Sharma
Nayan Patel  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Zigbee will change the way we live.........It will add value to each device and its applications lying at our home.
bhavana mahendrakar  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
what about Zigbee? isn't it more advance then Bluetooth?
Pradeep Bhargava  |  Commented  |  6 years ago
I guess the future is here. Mobiles can be connected over bluetooth. They can be used to authenticate, certify the identity or the payment. Data storae is an issue specially when we have to look at the dataprivacy guidelines globally. Hence...
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money is preffarable 
By : mani bhardwaj
mani bhardwaj  |  Argues in support of  "money is preffarable"  |  4 years ago
i ndont think there are too much opportunities in this field...nor there is money....
Debate: "opportunities in advanced networking field (money vs growth)" deleted from your view.
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On December 14, 2009, LTE network was commercially launched in Oslo, the capital of Norway,offered maximum speeds of up to 100 Mb/s and are approximately 10 times faster than existing 3G networks.
By : chirag shukla  | New post
Insight: "LTE ...4G...TECH..." deleted from your view.
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Please clear me whether Wibro and Wi-Max are same, or if they differ from each other in what characteristics they differ. If not WiBro is a new technology then is it a technology that implements Wi-M...
By : Madhuvappan Krishnan
Bhushan Patil  |  Answered  |  5 years ago
The cumbersome and time-consuming negotiations and tests for the WiMAX technology could possibly be the alternative technique to an unexpected WiBro give up. That at least is speculation from the market researcher ABI Research indicates. During...
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Neato Robotics(TM), a Silicon Valley startup pioneering new products to free people from household chores, today introduced a new home robot vacuum cleaner that raises the bar for automated floor cleaning. The Neato XV-11 all-floor vacuum system is the first mass-market consumer robot to offer Room Positioning System (RPS) Technology(TM) that uses laser vision to map your entire floor space and avoids most obstacles that other robots can only detect by impact. By leveraging advanced technologies, Neato Robotics engineers have created a simply smarter robot that thoroughly cleans an area in less time. The energy savings from its cleaning efficie...
By : Shaikh Mohd. Laeeq  | New post
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1 Usage of Wireless Sensor Networks
By : Ramprasad
Ramprasad  |  Supported idea  "Usage of Wireless Sensor Networks"  |  5 years ago
Let us assume, if we are going with the wireless sensor networks in the serach operation which is carried out to identify the missing chopper last week, this operation would have been a very simple one. The sensor gateway or the sensor...
Radhakrishna Marar  |  Supported idea  "Usage of Wireless Sensor Networks"  |  5 years ago
Mr. Ramprasad, can you kindly elaborate your question so that everyone can take part in this discussion...
Ideate: "Technology Used Less in Searching" deleted from your view.
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DO GOD SAVES ONE SEEING NAME? On December 5th 1660, a ship sank in the straights of Dover - the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams. On 5th December 1767, another ship sank in the same waters - 127 lost their lives, the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams On 8th August 1820, a picnic boat capsized on the Thames - there was one survivor - Hugh Williams. On 10th July 1940, a British trawler was destroyed by a German mine - only two men survived, one man and his nephew - they were both called Hugh Williams.  
Amar Nath Mukherje  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
It is a matter of surprise.Pattern was same for four centuries and place is also near by.
Insight: "Lucky Hughs?" deleted from your view.
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SB DIKSHIT  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Only 6 could feel coolness till now ,including myself,its very hot now a days because of which tension becoming the part in every one.
Makrand Bhave  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Very nice. My daughter is enjoying herself! :)) Thanks for the referral as well :)
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1 Cut on value added services in mobiles
2 Cut down on wireless services
By : Ravi Bajpai
Avijit Sarkar  |  Added idea  "Cut on value added services in mobiles"  |  6 years ago
"There's good and bad news. The good news is, for most people their cell phone is their primary phone. I think from a basic service point of view there's more risk to the landline phone in the home than there is to the mobile phone. If you start...
Ravi Bajpai  |  Added idea  "Cut down on wireless services"  |  6 years ago
It's the Starbucks mentality--even if there's a recession, people are going to pay for coffee and they're going to pay for wireless. We saw what happened to Starbucks, that hasn't really worked out for Starbucks and they have had their problems. I...
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 Do you use radio's as only a source of entertainment if you do so please stop and HAVE A LOOK AT THE AMAZING WONDERS WHICH A LITTLE THING COULD CREATE  When the technologies were dominated by the likes of robots, nanogadgets and supercomputers on a chip, the subject of radio might was seeming a tad boring. But still software-defined radios and cognitive radios were more promising for making our wireless networks powerful and useful. I want to say not to regard radios as individual, discrete units, rather as members of a community.The idea is all about replacing much of the hardware in radio frequency devices -- cell phones, GPS unitsand even wireless laptops. Cognitive radios go a step fur...
By : Bhupena Jain
rahul gupta  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
liked it... can u suggest a gud book so that i can learn about the telecom structure from basics to 4g technology i am reading evolved packet system as of now ....
Kavitha  |  Commented  |  6 years ago
Good One.A much detailed explanation would be more informative and useful..!!
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