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Application of Nano Technology

Tags : Nano Technology
About "Application of Nano Technology" topic:

Implementation and results of Nano Technology in energy field

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Evaluation Engineering Group - Linked In Fantastic results observed by using Nano Technology...must read the attached links. Industrial Nanotech Releases 2008 Energy Saving Report by International Textile Manufacturer Henateks Report Shows Henateks Achieved Return of Initial Investment Plus 130% Return On Investment with Industrial Nanotech’s Patented Nansulate® Energy Saving Technology in Year One. Subsequent Annual Savings Projected to be Even Greater
By : Nitin M Aras
Kumbakonam S Venkataraman  |  Commented  |  4 years ago
We are told that Nano technology is promising and that would improve our way of life in a number of ways, including the medical field. Let us hope that it does not fall into wrong hands for any destructive use.
sumitra dutta  |  Commented  |  4 years ago
Nano technology will help a common men a lot in their daily activities. It date it has rocked the world. In future also, it would be definitely a big success....
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Michigan researchers have built a prototype of a new auto motor that does away with pistons, crankshafts and valves, replacing the old internal combustion engine with a disc-shaped shock wave generator. It could slash the weight of hybrid cars and reduce auto emissions by 90 percent. The generator is about the size of a saucepot, and would replace the 1,000-pound power train in most cars — no transmission, cooling system, emissions regulation or fluids needed. Norbert Müller and colleagues at Michigan State University showed off the new motor prototype at a meeting with the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency. It consists of a rotor carved with wave-like channels. Fuel and air enter through central inlets, and the rotor spins to block their exit through a separate outlet. The sudden build-up of pressure generates a shock wave, compressing the mixture. Then it’s ignited, and as the rotor keeps spinning, the outlet opens again to let the hot gases escape. new...
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