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Business Ideas

Tags : business ideas, business planning, business models, small business ideas, business opportunities, start business, small business
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Here you can post your ideas irrelative to new business starters ?

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This post is for those of you who are serious about overcoming obstacles and serious about taking your business to the next level. You will never go for your dreams — business or personal — as long as you have more pain associated to achieving them than you do to not achieving them. So the bad news is that it’s time to associate some pain to not achieving your dreams. The good news is that your dreams are on the other side of this pain. Think back on all of the missed opportunities, untapped potential, and half finished projects you may have experienced over the last few years in your business. What has stopped you? Fear? Procrastination? Overwhelm? How much have you lost out on, because th...
By : varsha
sujit Kumar  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Pretty long article. will read in steps.. as it a very good article anyway. procrastination anyway never brings happiness. It can bring momentary pleasure only.
Insight: "Get Serious About Your Business" deleted from your view.
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1 Any Fast Moving Consumer Goods
2 Apparels
UTKARSH AGARWAL  |  Added idea  "Apparels"  |  5 years ago
The apparel industry seems to be a good investment, though competitive. But which business isnt ! People, still go for expensive designer clothes after this "recession". People have the money to spend but they are the part of this panic, so they...
Maria Colaco  |  Supported idea  "Education"  |  5 years ago
I strongly agree with you that Education is the best business to be in the demand only increases .
Ahmed Sultan  |  Supported idea  "Any Fast Moving Consumer Goods"  |  5 years ago
Food-related field has a better chance of success than any other field.
Ideate: "Which business do you think is the best as per present Market Situation?" deleted from your view.
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Hi all, Are you planning to start small business. Check this blog. This blog will cover over hundred small business ideas for Indian entrepreneur. Keep checking this blog.  Good luck!
By : manish ray  | New post
Trends: "Small business ideas and opportunities in India" deleted from your view.
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A business owner should talk to a  management consultant  to learn how to improve on their business management. The overall management of your business or projects is very critical in your success and longevity. Talking to someone  can help you to relieve some stress, help you to clear your head and gain clarity in your situation. Many times a business owner may feel like he or she can do it all and they don't need help from a business management consultant. When you think like that, sometimes you can be sadly mistaken. Everybody needs help at some point in time in their business and life. Business management consulting can help you with your idea development, strategic planning, strategic ...
By : Renee: CEO Life Coach & Life Strategist
KALIYAMOORTHY  |  Commented  |  2 years ago
Yes. It is true. Getting out-side help in enriching / promoting /refining a Business does improve the prospects. But, what kind of Consultant you need or at what stage or for what purpose (to refine financial/managerial/production/procurement /...
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get ideas 
By : Ratneshwar Prasad Sinha
Debate: "it is good for every one" deleted from your view.
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I am thinking about to become a freelancing designer in Chennai and need your kind advise or ideas.   dont know anyone to get projects...     new projects are welcome
By : Babu  | New post
Answer: "Do you think CAD Freelancing in Chennai will be a good idea" deleted from your view.
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There is the endless debate about whether a technology start-up company should write a business plan. There is one side that says few successful start-ups have ever had a business plan when they started and one isn’t needed, and there is the camp that says one is necessary because it forces the fledging company to think about what they are doing, where they hope to go, and to plan how they will get there. Which is right? The confusion stems from the general notion of planning a project and executing the plan, which most people would agree is a good idea for any task.  Would you start building your home without a detailed blueprint? The term “general” doesn’t work with well on a case by case...
By : Hiren Sheth
Suryanarayan Murthy  |  Commented  |  3 years ago
In my opinion, a business plan is required - traditional or tentative. It is just to know how much we need to set up the start-up and whether we reach break-even. A basic document which can be improved at a later stage. We draw one business plan...
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Most of the my people want to grow in their life for their they want to do business. The person who is doing a Job want to do their own small business without investment. How Can he is able to start ...
By : Hiren Sheth
Raju Gangadhar  |  Answered  |  1 year ago
@Muralidharan, The question is, can an employee use his present job and skill set to set up his own small scale industry...
tirupathi reddy  |  Answered  |  1 year ago
Let all those people form a group and brainstorm on idea which to follow based on all those people agree upon. some people will invest money and some time. that much simple if they really want to see some thing change. best of luck. 
Answer: "How can people Start a Small Business with Their Valuable Job?" deleted from your view.
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People have the greatest innovative idea but they cant implement them in practicle field bcoz of faliure or lack of backup support, result the faliure of the idea which down their movivation towards ...
By : VICKY PALIWALA  | New post
Answer: "Implementing the idea is much moreimportant than generating a innovative idea?" deleted from your view.
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hi lakshmi! H r u ? i would like to know about RF devises and how can we read the information thru S/W from a RF devise.   For ex: i had a thought of Parent information system from a college.. now a ...
By : Rajasekhar  | New post
Answer: "like to know about RF devices " deleted from your view.
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Preferred Executive Search and Recruitment partners for Global IT and BPO organizations
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