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Credit risk mitigation

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Industry : Asset Management
Functional Area : Performance
About "Credit risk mitigation" topic:

Credit risk is the risk of loss due to a debtor's non-payment of a loan or other line of credit. Here we will discuss how we can reduce such risk before they can affect the creditor.

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1 Payment Terms
By : Prakash Khairnar
Prakash Khairnar  |  Added idea  "Payment Terms"  |  6 years ago
My idea would be payment terms which is offered to customers should be clearly stated and fixed as standard accounting figures according to the amount of funding the business is prepared to offer its clients. Because that is exactly what credit...
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1 default rates
2 Combined model -diffusion and Markov matrices
By : Sapna Dixit
Jyoti Rath  |  Supported idea  "default rates"  |  5 years ago
I also think so. By analysing default rate, credit risk can be assessed...
Esha Johar  |  Supported idea  "Combined model -diffusion and Markov matrices"  |  5 years ago
I also think so. By the combined model-diffusion and Markov matrices, credit risk can be assessed.
Mathew Cherian  |  Supported idea  "default rates"  |  5 years ago
Default probablility I think can pretty much asess the credit risk. VAR can be figured out from this. I feel in India since we don't have a secondary bond market assesing credit risk of companies is accurately possible. Then probably one has to...
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By : Prateek Kacker
Mohit Munjal  |  Answered  |  6 years ago
To safeguard the equity n prevent erosion of the networth., as simple as that
Deepika Malik  |  Answered  |  6 years ago
They are : To increase shareholder value Instill confidence in market place Alleviate regulatory constraints and distortions thereof  
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Credit enhancement refers to improving the credit worthiness of an asset backed security (bonds or debt securities with an asset as collateral). It offers protection against future losses for the holder. It is broadly classified into two types, internal and external. Internal credit enhancement Overcollateralization:  It is said to be over collateralized when the value of the collateral is greater than the value of the liability. Excess servicing spread:  It refers to the excess of interest amount received on collateral over the payments ( net coupon, service charge etc). This amount is deposited in a reserve account. Reserve Fund : Refers to cash reserve fund generated from issue proceeds....
By : Padmanabhan R
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Pl let me know if there are any opening in my field......... My email address is .   I can send my CV for ur kind perusal if there are any opening.   Tks. Ashish.  
By : Ashish D  | New post
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