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Entrepreneurship Development in India

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About "Entrepreneurship Development in India" topic:

In India there is a dearth of quality people in industry, which demands high level of entrepreneurship development program through out the country for the growth of Indian economy.The scope of entrepreneurship development in country like India is tremendous. Especially since there is widespread concern that the acceleration in GDP growth in the post reforms period has not been accompanied by a commensurate expansion in employment. The rising unemployment rate (9.2% 2004 est.) in India has resulted in growing frustration among the youth. In addition there is always problem of underemployment. As a result, increasing the entrepreneurial activities in the country is the only solace.

So lets discuss on various aspects relating to entrepreneurship development in India.

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1 Providing easy loans with low interest rates
2 Making Government more business friendly
By : Veena Gupta
Sharad Kiyal  |  Added idea  "Self Motivation"  |  4 years ago
This is the only thing which has created histories.Only  self motivation and desire to achieve will grow entrepreneur in India. There are many examples in history which inspire everyone to do something for there country and then for self.   WAKE...
Capt(ex) Uday Mukherji  |  Supported idea  "Making Government more business friendly"  |  4 years ago
My own personal experience and that of some of my friends is that its easier for us Indians to start a business in countries like Thailand, Malasia, Vietnam, UAE and many others than in India itself, provided of course one has the money 
Ideate: "What factors will promote Entrepreneurship growth in India?" deleted from your view.
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next great revolution will be in field of agriculture 
 next great revolution will NOT be in field of agriculture
By : Piyush Asthana
NATTERAJA R. ARIKRISHNAN  |  Argues in support of  "next great revolution will be in field of agriculture"  |  4 years ago
I support this side views posted. Thanks for the referral Ms. Veena Gupta.  
shivanand shenoy  |  Argues in support of  "next great revolution will NOT be in field of agriculture"  |  4 years ago
telecom  will be further refined and it will do all ourwork by sitting anywhere like payments ,health check up,learning, visual conferencing,ticketing and wish list will go on n on. this furtherence to my view of solar energy tapping. the new...
suhaschandra deshpande  |  Argues in support of  "next great revolution will NOT be in field of agriculture"  |  4 years ago
If you carefully observe the trends, more and more farming community worldwide is turning away from farming profession... reasons may be many... but energy, space, medicines, surgery, IT and telecommunication fields will lead the new generation...
Debate: "entrepreneurship" deleted from your view.
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SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE  |  Commented  |  4 years ago
Thanks , Manoj for value addition. Keep it up. & All you here thanks for your comments.
Rathin Deb  |  Commented  |  4 years ago
Good one Manoj really good one with some underlying facts of life.
RAHUL SMITH  |  Commented  |  4 years ago
Good one Shrikant, I feel bad if I wont add some thing....hehe...joking So go through the quotes below Men: 1. All men are extremely busy. 2. Although they are so busy, they still have time for women. 3. Although they have time for women, they...
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1 Moving out of traditional employment relationship
2 For quality of life
By : Veena Gupta
Mayank Sharma  |  Added idea  "entrepreneurship is must for a happy lifestyle. "servant" word is so bad for a long time "  |  4 years ago
a man can do there job for a short time period with great pleasure ,but is too difficult to spend whole life under someone.
SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE  |  Supported idea  "For quality of life"  |  4 years ago
Everybody want to enhance it's lifestyle is the reason for choosing entrepreneurship over the job.
Shashi Kumar U  |  Supported idea  "Moving out of traditional employment relationship"  |  4 years ago
When one is employed for some company one is controlled, and there is limitation to do things. Now with the economy opened up,  easy finance available and large market opened up, one can venture out to do something by oneself. this feeling of...
Ideate: "What makes one choose Entrepreneurship over their job?" deleted from your view.
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I am in a favour of fresher entrepreneurship 
 The freshar can not be a entrepreneur
SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE  |  Argues in support of  "I am in a favour of fresher entrepreneurship"  |  4 years ago
It is purely depend upon his/her ability to take as entrepreneurship at initial stage of it's career.
NagaSuresh  |  Argues in support of  "The freshar can not be a entrepreneur"  |  4 years ago
Entrepreneurship is often a difficult undertaking, as a vast majority of new businesses fail. Nevertheless such undertaking supposes the development of more than just a business venture. Entrepreneurial activities are substantially different...
Nikhil Jain  |  Argues in support of  "The freshar can not be a entrepreneur"  |  4 years ago
It would be better for a fresher to gain some knowledge and experience by working in corporate houses before setting up an enterpernership, directly after studies.
Debate: "can fresher be an entrepreneur in service sector" deleted from your view.
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By : vikas goyal
Samir Das  |  Argues in support of  "support"  |  4 years ago
Good debate Vikas, the future of India is in the hands of youngsters. Nowadays we are seeing many successful entrepreneurs are youngsters because they are more innovative and creative. So we should encourage and support the youths if they are...
Veena Gupta  |  Argues in support of  "guide"  |  4 years ago
In India, today we need lots of young entrepreneurs who can create jobs. In this manner we can get lot of achievements:- * We can create lot of jobs thereby help the government in solving the problems of employement * We can create lots of young...
vikas goyal  |  Argues in support of  "support"  |  4 years ago
As for the economy to grow with youths energy and thinking and creativity,youth should become the young entrepreneurs to laed india to a developed nation.
Debate: "how u view youth and entrepreneurship ?" deleted from your view.
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Here are some of my favorite quotes on entrepreneurship, inspiration, and success... “There will come a time when big opportunities will be presented to you, and you’ve got to be in a position to take advantage of them.” – Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart Inc. “There is only one way to make a great deal of money; and that is in a business of your own.” – J. Paul Getty, Former oil tycoon and once the richest man in America “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy, former president of the United States “A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.” – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, former Roman ...
By : vishab veer singh rana
Alka Thakur  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary” absolutely right-Very nice article indeed. Thanks for sharing!!
Ahmed Sultan  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
The winner tonight is (The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary).
Insight: "entrepreneurship" deleted from your view.
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By : Namrata Pathak
sankari thirumaran thirumaran  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  4 years ago
yes,Bschools are doing the right job.they give benefits to the student.there are so many liquidity are available in the market which is not being invested.
Azhar Kazmi  |  Argues in support of  "No"  |  4 years ago
Some years ago, as soon as I faced a new batch of students I asked all those who wanted to become entrepreneurs to raise their hand. Without fail, there were many hands raised indicating that in our society there are many who aspire to become...
vinit  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  4 years ago
Yes. B schools are doing the right job.  Benefits to Indian Economy: There is tremendous liquidity available in the market which is not being invested. Instead it is lying in the banks. More entrepreneurs mean more money will be brought in the...
Debate: "B-schools emphasizing students towards entrepreneurship: Are they doing the right thing?" deleted from your view.
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By : Amit Madhav
Sharad Kiyal  |  Argues in support of  "Pros"  |  4 years ago
If every entrepreneur starts thinking like you than there will be no business and no secured job. Kindly Stop this thought and kindly thinks that what makes our job secured the only reason is that we work day in day out for our company. Its only...
amit chaudhry  |  Argues in support of  "Cons"  |  5 years ago
The major drawback of entrepreneurship is that there will be no work schedule and no regular salary payment.
Arun Kumar  |  Argues in support of  "Pros"  |  5 years ago
Starting of my own! The very phrase excites many peoples think-tank. But there is something which drives them to the back seat. Fear to succeed, peer pressure, financial strength, and most importantly the big guys. You have a unique product or an...
Debate: "Entrepreneurship: Pros and Cons" deleted from your view.
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What is Entrepreneurship? Jeff Hawkins, co-founder of Palm Computing, talks about what entrepreneurship is and isn't. Hawkins views entrepreneurship as a tool that is to be used sparingly and as a last resort. It is a tool to be used to pursue or accomplish one's goal in life, he says.
By : Viktor Stephen
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