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Export & Import Merchandise


Exporting from India

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Industry : Consumer Durables, Auto Ancillary
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Here, member can participate and exchange ideas and ask questions or help on exporting from India realted issues.They can discuss about exporting goods, documents required and etc...

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By : Rajesh Kamal
Rajesh Kamal  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  5 years ago
yes, if majority increase in inflation is due to petro product, then why should we export the petro products and beg other nations for the same. Instead we can use that for the development of our nation and take care of the deficit part....any...
Debate: "Should export of petro products be banned to curb inflation?" deleted from your view.
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Mr.A the Purchase Order Holder enters into an understanding with Mr.Z to prepare the finished product and invoice and send those goods to Mr.K.   Can Mr.Z export and raise invoice to Mr.K for the pur...
By : nagendra kumar  | New post
Answer: "Mr.A is the Purchase Order holder and he received Money in Advance for the exports to be done" deleted from your view.
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WE earn more revenue 
 We lose credibilty in the International market
KUMAR SAURABH JHA  |  Argues in support of  "WE earn more revenue"  |  3 years ago
Exporting iron ore abroad that too developed countries may generate more revenue and also give an international fame and recognition. Developing countries like us will get more demand and we may get in return more revenue.
Dev Kumar Dutta  |  Argues in support of  "WE earn more revenue"  |  3 years ago
As far as I know about iron ore exports, I believe, the bulk of our exports end up in China. I have no problem with where the ore goes but what hurts me is the fact that China, despite producing a much larger volume of iron ore than what we do,...
Debate: "Is iron ore export worth?" deleted from your view.
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By : vilas mhetar
Debate: "how to easy terms of exporter" deleted from your view.
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By : Gyanender S Rawat
Yash Singh  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
Both the countries will get benefited with this trade. This is indeed a very good step. Starting from economy till public relations everything will get benefited...
Yash Singh  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
Both the countries will get benifitted with this trade. This is indeed a very good step. Starting from economy till public relations everything will get benifitted...
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A friend of mine wants to start an exports business from India.  Do you think its a lucrative business?  Which is the best product to export?  which Indian product has great demand abroad? Kindly adv...
By : Sharath Kotian
Abhishek  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
Dear, You have to apply for an IEC code from DGFT then only u can star yr BIZ.... for more details call me .... Asst. manager Abhishek 09893655600
Fazalur Rahman  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
To become an exporter from India, first your friend should have the strong hold on the sourcing point (if he want to act as an agent), orelse if he is an manufacturer of his own then he should conduct an analysis to find out what demand the...
Answer: "A friend of mine wants to start an exports business" deleted from your view.
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This is an obvious dilemma when India has innumerable goods to export. But international standards play an important role here. So what can be the answer?
By : Jitena Kumar Rawat  | New post
Answer: "What is the best commodity or item for export from india to western countries?" deleted from your view.
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Hongkong is emerging as a great market for exports. As in every section insurance is preffered so as in Exports also. These Exporters also need insurance in their goods. There are been provided with two main types of non-payment risks for goods exported and services rendered arising from buyer risks and country risks. There are different types of facilities rendered to the exporters, some of them which are widelu used are : Export Credit Insurance Comprehensive Cover Policy is the most popular amog all. It applies to the export and re-export of goods and te credit period is provided for 180 days. Credit Management Services A credit advisory service to exporters has been provided which offer...
By : John Rajesh
Insight: "Exports and Insurance" deleted from your view.
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By : sreekumar
DHANDAPANI  |  Answered  |  3 years ago
Dear Sreekumar, you can send all your shipping documents BL, invoice, packing list and all other certificates either through direct courier services, or through bank (mostly for LETTER OF CREDIT (LC) Terms traders sending documents through...
SUDHIR A N  |  Answered  |  5 years ago
Yes the answer received is correct
Murali Nair  |  Answered  |  5 years ago
 in normal condition we can send original document to overseas party and not necessary to send through bank, the party will remit money by t.t. / d.d to our bank. After receiving copy of remittance advise/ information from bank, submit exchange...
Answer: "Can we send a export docememtn directly to the Buyer without negotiating Through Authorised dealer?Is the limit of USD..." deleted from your view.
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Some are of the view that India should stop exporting Iron Ore and conserve its natural resources. Presently there is a blind rampage to export , mainly to China, without much or any value addition o...
By : Ajit Pahuja
RUDRESH KUMAR TOMAR  |  Answered  |  5 years ago
Excess of everything is bad. Retaining excess of iron ore than domestic requirement will only kill the iron export export market for India. But than, if retaining this excess iron ore within India can leads to reduction of steel prices, then this...
Leena Khade  |  Answered  |  5 years ago
"When you have surplus, sell it…" If India can export Iron Ore, why would it stop? Conservation of resources is a red herring in a modern economy, which is "Free to Choose," as Milton Friedman had it. There is always "reciprocal trade,"...
Answer: "Should India stop exporting Iron Ore to preserve its natural resources for future generations?" deleted from your view.
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Posted by: Inani Sarkar
Activity: 7 referals , 16 comments, 6082 views  
China has been thriving in recent years and has been named as the “World’s factory” because of its high production and low labor cost. It seems to be a trend now to import goods from China directly since there will be middleman in between and hence one can get the latest and cheapest products. China offers a vast array of products and to track something down that is suitable, you are going to need someone who knows the country well. He or she can advise you very quickly if you are likely to find a company where you could place your order and thereby increase your margins. Here are some of the things that you will need to establish before working with an import agent: Full product details with drawings / graphics Packing presentation details Branding requirements Certifications Safety standards required Date product is required Quantities (min order quantities apply in most cases) Also you need to take care of the following things if you are planning to import from China; Products...
Posted by: Atul Kumar
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Military Strength: Comapre India and Pakistan Manpower and Ground Forces India has the second largest manpower in its military globally - at 3,773,300 personell (2005), next only to China. Pakistan has a much smaller manpower of 1,449,000 personell which is proportionally higher than India in terms of their population ratios. Pakistan’s ground forces are equipped with American or Chinese weapons like FIM 92 Stinger SAMs, BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles, T-82 tanks and other equipments. Indian ground forces are equipped mostly by home-made or Soviet technologies like IR guided 9K35 Strela-10 SAMs, 3rd Gen IR guided Nag anti-tank missiles, UAVs and a large inventory of tanks and support vehicles. In terms of numbers and equipments, both Indian and Pakistani ground forces are on an closely equal footing. Comparison of Air Forces As of 2006, Indian Air Force (IAF) has over 170,000 personnel and 3,382 aircrafts of which 1,330 are combat aircrafts operating off 61 airbases - making it the...
Posted by: indyacentral
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Facts about "Jana Gana Mana" - Just a thought for the National Anthem! How well do you know about it?     I have always wondered who is the "adhinayak" and "bharat bhagya vidhata",    whose praise we are singing. I thought might be Motherland India! Our current National Anthem "Jana Gana Mana" is sung throughout the country.   Did you know the following about our national anthem, I didn't.   To begin with, India's national anthem, Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka, was written by Rabindranath Tagore in honour of King George V and the Queen of  England when they visited India in 1919.   To honour their visit Pandit Motilal  Nehru had the five stanzas included, which are in praise of the King and  Queen. (And most of us think it is in the praise of our great motherland!! !)   In the original Bengali verses only those provinces that were under British rule, i.e. Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha etc. were mentioned. None of  the  princely states were recognised which are integral parts of India...
Posted by: veguru vijayakumar babu
Activity: 69 referals , 5 comments, 1483 views  
It is heartening to note that the total amount of frauds occuring in International trade is very small, compared to the total volumes of actual International trade. However when a fraud occurs, some times  there could  be irretrievable damage and companies subjected to the fraud may go into liquidation. It is therefore essential for bankers, importers and exporters to be fully aware of the types of frauds that can occur and the measures to prevent occurance of frauds in their International trade. Major areas of frauds in International Trade a) Commodity frauds:  The foreign seller  ( exporter) may not send the goods ordered by the buyer ( importer). The seller may stuff the container with rubbish in the container and cover the top with little quantity of the material ordered. The seller may send the goods of inferior quality. He may send goods of lesser quantity. Frauds of this nature happen mostly because of the buyer's greed to get goods cheaply. The buyers fall prey to...
Posted by: Sanjay Kaushik
Activity: 46 referals , 33 comments, 47831 views  
Hi Friends, I am sharing with the reviews of IBM on work culture, growth prospects salary, done by their employees. Please share your views. A Project Manager wrote: What I like about IBM: "IBM offers a very flexible working environment. In most cases, no one will ask you what time you come or go from office. Neither the logs of the swipe card will be analyzed to take some action against you in normal circumstances. In special circumstances, the company can even allow you to work from home. No blocking of internet or phones . All in all, you are "not" working in a jail. It has a wealth of knowledge..... " What I don't like about IBM: "Sometimes you feel that there are too many processes to follow. The company is so huge that it is a challenge to make people aware of existing processes. I have often seen it happening that sometimes small groups within IBM try to develop their own processes, often unaware that such a best practice already exists and can be leveraged. Ofcourses, Lou...
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India's First CRISIL Rated HR Company
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