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Impact of E-business on the Economy

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Industry : IT Services, Internet
Functional Area : Business Processes
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The Internet stands tall in a landscape of new technology. It marks an entirely new mode of communication and as such it is very difficult to overstate its significance in reconfiguring our social structures. eBusiness isn't entirely about the Internet but much of it's recent impact can in fact be credited to the Net and the applications which it supports. Share insights on the maturity and economic impact of e-commerce (buying and selling) and e-business (all business processes) here...

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Different shades of green: Looking beyond carbon footprints You can try your best to avoid it, but when it comes to measuring carbon footprint, almost everything we do these days, either as a business or individuals, is likely to have a negative impact on the environment. From using a kettle or popular internet search engine, to leaving on that nefarious stand-by light on your telly, reassessing how we use energy in relation to the resultant greenhouse gases is having a major impact on the way we view sustainability. While commendable, it seems this ‘carbon neutral’ focus by consumers and food manufacturers is creating a catch-all green designation that is potentially forsaking alternate, o...
By : varsha
Bindu Narayan  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Thanks for the insight varsha, it is possible to make sure that one leaves less carbon foot print behind, and it's all upon individual who wants to bring the change in this regard, so not only organization's or business but also people like you...
Hitesh Thakkar  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Good Article and valid question to Business house. For global stories on Green Technology --- attempt to save gas emissions by players like SAP in Germany Dell.. to US govt ... as well as retailers like Starbucks ( making coffee green).......
Insight: "It is a question that every business must also ask of itself. " deleted from your view.
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Tips to Increase Website PAGE RANK Page rank (PR) is a an algorithm for link analysis that has been named after a person named Larry Page and has been used by the Google search engine, which allocates a numerical weighting to every element of the hyperlinked set of documents, like the World Wide Web, with the reason of "measuring" its virtual significance within the sets. The algorithm might be practical to any number of entities with the reciprocal references and quotations. The numerical weight which it assigns to any known element E is referred as Page rank of E and is denoted by PR (E). Google has the trademark as “PageRank” . What is BACKLINKS Back links that are also recognized as incoming inbound links, links, inward links and inlinks are incoming links to a web page or website. Basically speaking in simple words, a back link is any link that has been received by a web node (directory, web page, top level domains or websites) from a different web node. The inbound links...
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Develop state-of-the-art mobile games Trends in mobile games and a survey of related J2ME APIs Throughout the IT industry's history, computer games have been one of the drivers behind technology innovations. Computer gamers are hungry for more hardware computing power; they are eager to push the limits of various software—from compelling graphics to artificial intelligence (AI) to network security. Game developers and players are often the earliest adopters of leading-edge computer technologies. Due to their innovative nature, games are not in danger of becoming technology commodities controlled by big outsourcing corporations—there is always plenty of room for talented individual innovators in this space. The market for games will continue to grow as the technology enhances the playing experience. As the enterprise IT revolution improves our work life by saving time and money, we spend more time and money on games to improve the general quality of life. Even in today's difficult...
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Activity: 7 referals , 4 comments, 1194 views Nothing is invincible in the world , if you know , what makes it invincible . Nothing is impossible in the world , if you know , what makes it impossible. ------------ The secret of E business transformation is knowledge . When legacy systems wanted to build successful E-business operation that should be the prime focus . That’s why one who is peaceful , has deep knowledge in war. That’s why one who is forceful , has deep knowledge on compassion. ------------- The power of E-business is take you in a zone of auto-pilot where you can stay out of the business war , yet you can be prolific participant of it. Knowing the far , looking at the near, is wisdom . Knowing the many , looking at the few , is force. ---------------- Ebusiness transformation is infact bringing a deep knowledge on your present business structure , where you solve a problem , before it arise. That’s why the wise looks simple ,...
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After 2.0 its the turn of 3.0 applications, and its been nearly two weeks after submitting the application to Apple, Facebook’s totally revamped a 3.0 application and is live on the App Store. The new application brings a whole lot of new features, making it what may be the most useful application on the App Store. Among the additions are Events, which have frustratingly been omitted from previous versions. Now one will be able to look up where their events are, and you can also respond to them and see which of their friends are attending. One can also post video directly to the site if they have an iPhone 3GS a feature that will likely see the number of videos on Facebook increase dramatically from now on.   Smaller changes include a News Feed that they have brought up which more closely reflects the feed that most of them find on the main Facebook site, and also there is the option to “Like” items their friends have created. One feature that users will be missing is the "Push"...
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Everybody knows the power of hope and belief and the people very frequently refer these words.  We see and listen two categories of people if we keep the stagnated apart. Everybody wants to achieve something in life. One category of people aim high or very high, but, they will not take risk in the course and they want everything to be certain. The second category of people aim high and very high and at the same time they will take risk, travel in an unexplored path and believe that the better things can happen to them though in general they appear to be uncertain.   I want to re-emphasize that the people who fear to take risk, may not achieve high positions. But, the people who take risk tend to achieve greater positions in life. Traveling in risky path means traveling in life with “hope and belief”.   Many have proved the power of hope and belief and the great American President Barrack Obama very frequently refers to the power of hope and belief with his “yes, we can” mantra....
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Part of Randstad, the world’s second largest HR services company
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