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Impact of E-business on the Economy

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Functional Area : Business Processes
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The Internet stands tall in a landscape of new technology. It marks an entirely new mode of communication and as such it is very difficult to overstate its significance in reconfiguring our social structures. eBusiness isn't entirely about the Internet but much of it's recent impact can in fact be credited to the Net and the applications which it supports. Share insights on the maturity and economic impact of e-commerce (buying and selling) and e-business (all business processes) here...

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Different shades of green: Looking beyond carbon footprints You can try your best to avoid it, but when it comes to measuring carbon footprint, almost everything we do these days, either as a business or individuals, is likely to have a negative impact on the environment. From using a kettle or popular internet search engine, to leaving on that nefarious stand-by light on your telly, reassessing how we use energy in relation to the resultant greenhouse gases is having a major impact on the way we view sustainability. While commendable, it seems this ‘carbon neutral’ focus by consumers and food manufacturers is creating a catch-all green designation that is potentially forsaking alternate, o...
By : varsha
Bindu Narayan  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Thanks for the insight varsha, it is possible to make sure that one leaves less carbon foot print behind, and it's all upon individual who wants to bring the change in this regard, so not only organization's or business but also people like you...
Hitesh Thakkar  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Good Article and valid question to Business house. For global stories on Green Technology --- attempt to save gas emissions by players like SAP in Germany Dell.. to US govt ... as well as retailers like Starbucks ( making coffee green).......
Insight: "It is a question that every business must also ask of itself. " deleted from your view.
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