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India is a developed country

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Industry : Public Sector/Government
About "India is a developed country" topic:

All the countries were under developed at the stage of creation and subsquently developed and civilised. Only a group of un-ethical brainy leaders and administrators framed & adopted  certain procedure/formula in the international level, which affected the present under-developed countries, and caused for value difference in 100 types of currencies of 248 countries.

India was a developed country, is also. Only we have to make reformation in the existing GDP guide-lines, and to pressurise in the international forum for deletion of certain terms and conditions from,which affect valuation difference.

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  Ohhh!!! even here 80 - 20 principle applies top 20 countries makes the 80% of the usage     NOTES: (1) World Internet User Statistics were updated for March 31, 2009. (2) Additional data for individual countries and regions may be found by clicking each country name. (3) The most recent user information comes from data published by Nielsen Online ,   International Telecommunications Union , Official country reports, and other trustworthy research sources. (6) Data from this site may be cited, giving due credit and establishing an active link back to   Internet World Stats . Copyright © 2001 - 2009, Miniwatts Marketing Group. All rights reserved.
By : Vishal Goel
!manpreet $ingh  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
Dear Friend Picture not visible.. problem in uploading..go through this link.
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 BHARAT or INDIA (Please mention in argument)
By : Kartik Dave
Ranjeet Kumar  |  Argues in support of  "Both"  |  4 years ago
Article 1(PartI) of Indian Constitution states that -" India,that is Bharat ,shall be a Union of States" Obviously,India Bharat are equally official names for the Republic of India.On what ground ,these two words represent two different parts of...
Pradeep Pantula  |  Argues in support of  "BHARAT or INDIA (Please mention in argument) "  |  4 years ago
First of all why do you want to see the separation between the names? Our respect and patriotism to the nation lies with in the heart of every individual saying Mother Land. This so-called feeling cannot be reduced. When we are focusing towards...
Ravali  |  Argues in support of  "Both"  |  4 years ago
Kartik good explanation, I agree with you we need both to be successful. Since we see more opportunities in the rural sector their contribution should be more compared to the urban. And now the urban is dependent on the rural for their growth and...
Debate: "What do you think which part of country leads us toward success - 'BHARAT' or 'INDIA'?" deleted from your view.
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i would quit 
 i would not quit
By : sandesh saboo
Varun Bhandari  |  Argues in support of  "i would not quit"  |  5 years ago
I'll go with Satwinder.. even i believe quitters never wins.. and winners never quit as winning becomes their habit!
sandesh saboo  |  Argues in support of  "i would quit"  |  5 years ago
why would you need a moss when you are a stone. there are timew when we do not need to quit,and there are times when we quit it is of great virtue. so not quit is not a fashion does not apply universally,it is better to be open all...
Satwinder Singh  |  Argues in support of  "i would not quit"  |  5 years ago
As per the topic.. ppl with bad habits sounds to quit those habits and becomes winners!! which i believe - is no point here..! The point is if every scientists starts quitting to reach his goal, there will be no inventions. If everyone would quit...
Debate: "quiters never win and winners never quit" deleted from your view.
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1 lack of zeal
2 Lack of technicians
By : Chandra shekhar
Iñigo Ortiz Monasterio  |  Added idea  "Because in India the human scale is more important. Skyscrapers "  |  4 years ago
The human scale is more important and skyscrapers dehumanize life and architecture. You don`t need to participate in a meaningless race to be the bigest, the strongest or the tallest.
Siby S Babu  |  Supported idea  "Lack of technicians "  |  4 years ago
dear madam , i dont think that there is lack of technicians in india to implement a skyscraper but the real concern is about the economy, and if there also the technic to do the work is not here in india, at ths time india cant afford also.
Ideate: "Why India is not having sky scrapers like other countries in the World?" deleted from your view.
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By : Ashwani Kumar Srivastav
Ashwani Kumar Srivastav  |  Argues in support of  "poverty"  |  4 years ago
According to the constitution of india the reservation system was made by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on the basis of caste so that schedule caste shoulde also stand besides other one with respect in the nation but now the political parties are misusing...
Debate: "In a growing country like INDIA what will be the reservation criteria in all fields.......caste or poverty?" deleted from your view.
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 not developing
By : vinodkumar balikai
Vipin Bhasin  |  Argues in support of  "Developing"  |  3 years ago
Yes India is developing country. Because our economy is growing with a fast rate.
Ravindra Sharma  |  Argues in support of  "not developing"  |  3 years ago
It is surely developing in terms of population and corruption or individualistic terms. In production, progress, innovation, alleviation of poverty and as one nation it is surely not. 
Debate: "Is INDIA a developing country." deleted from your view.
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1 Maing India and ideal country in the world.
By : Hem Chandra Kukreti
Hem Chandra Kukreti  |  Added idea  "Maing India and ideal country in the world."  |  4 years ago
Everything is look unplanned here. It should be made with the new ideas and technology. There should be a place for everything and everything on its place.
Ideate: "Making whole India by a master plan" deleted from your view.
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ATMA RAM CHAVALI  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  4 years ago
YES, i fully agree with the views of Ms.Sumitra. India can definitely be a developed nation by 2020. A decades time is more than sufficient for us to change. As Sumitra told everything is in our hands to change. We will be proudly saying our...
RIJITH.A.P  |  Argues in support of  "No"  |  5 years ago
NO.We might require a 5 more years extra because of the recession period and the massive population we have.
sumitra dutta  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  4 years ago
Hi Rijith, Interesting debate, I think we will become a developed nation by the year 2020. We are developing rapidly and this is proved from the recently released GDP. India has seen dramatic growth in few quarters this is because of the...
Debate: "CAN INDIA BECOME A DEVELOPED NATION BY THE YEAR 2020?" deleted from your view.
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In economic writings on India it is commonplace to describe Indian economic inequality to be relatively low. In support, the inequality measure of Gini coefficient (with values of zero for no inequality, and one for extreme inequality) on the basis of NSS consumption data is usually cited. This Gini coefficient in 2004-5 was 0.325, and is indeed lower than in many developing countries, including China, and by constant repetition, both in national and international documents and the financial press, this has become part of the folklore about Indian inequality. But there are reasons to believe that the NSS data under-represent the rich, and in any case while for other developing countries the...
By : Vishal Goel  | New post
Insight: "How unequal a country is India?" deleted from your view.
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Yes, India has achieved an eminent place in the economy 
 Is India efficient to compete with existing super powers?
By : shree
shree  |  Argues in support of  "Yes, India has achieved an eminent place in the economy"  |  4 years ago
As coin has two sides, it is debateable to get into a conclusion whether INDIA is developed or is still developing. But, if we outlook the recent happenings like advancement in technologies, FDI, SME's, Infrastructure, and the last but not the...
Debate: "Has INDIA reached a status of developed country or is it still developing?" deleted from your view.
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