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Innovations in Banking Industry !!!

Tags : Innovations, Banks, internet, technology, Indian banking, products, mobile banking, ATM, efficiency, customers.
Industry : Banking
Functional Area : Innovation, Strategy Execution, New Technologies
About "Innovations in Banking Industry !!!" topic:

Banking which is still not able to provide its services for many in the country, is trying to innovate time & again to make sure that financial services is provided for all, and in a way helping India to have a stronger economy. With this in mind Internet banking and mobile banking made it convenient for customers to do their banking from geographically diverse places. Banks also sharpened their focus on rural markets and introduced a variety of services geared to the special needs of their rural customers.  So, let us discuss here and understand the need for innovations in banking to create greater value for customers and enhanced efficiency for the banks.

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1 Banking through social networking
2 no innovation required
By : Ekta Dutta
Ajudiya Mayur C.  |  Added idea  ""Banking will become a consultancy""  |  4 years ago
In the future the banks will become a one consultancy agencies which provides a total financial facilities to customers as per their choice through the internet and with the virtual networks.
M.B.MALANI  |  Added idea  "HOME DELIVERY"  |  4 years ago
Create a home delivery service facility for the customer up to some extension take order through internet or mobile by security code.
Ideate: "What innovations can happen in the banking space?" deleted from your view.
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1 mbanking
2 Finger Print Based Authentication from Mobiles or Desktops
By : Leena Khade
Atul Joshi  |  Added idea  "money on mobile"  |  4 years ago
Samir Das  |  Supported idea  "Social networking.."  |  5 years ago
Good idea Aknr, social networking may be the next step of personal banking.  Nowadays the social networking sites are influencing every field. So we can expect our banking sector also to go for social networking. But the risks associated is more,...
RAMANATHA PRABHU N  |  Supported idea  "mbanking"  |  5 years ago
Suppose if unique identity number is allotted to all bank accounts, and further arrangement by bank to settle the balance directly in line with the arrangements in the case of ATMs, deposits can be made directly without the interfearence of the...
Ideate: "What can be the next innovations for personal banking?" deleted from your view.
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1 Web 2.0 features, Behaviour Analysis, RIA GUI
2 Personalized and customized Internet banking
By : Rashmi Patil
Abhijeet Magdum  |  Supported idea  "Accessibility support"  |  4 years ago
Yes, absolutely right. Banks need to be humane and look at financial inclusion of differently-abled people. Whether it is internet banking, mobile banking or ATM. Even RBI is quite serious about it. Refer
AKNR Chandra Sekhar  |  Supported idea  "Web 2.0 features, Behaviour Analysis, RIA GUI"  |  5 years ago
I agree with your view, social networking is the way going forward for the banks. That will be the new channel for customers.
Ideate: "What should be the features of next-generation internet banking?" deleted from your view.
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1 Product innovation and process re-engineering
2 Merger of Nationlised banks with SBI
By : Rakesh Chakraborty
Shantanu Talukdar  |  Added idea  "Personalized Messaging"  |  3 years ago
Gone are the days when bank sent a common mailer to its customers based on some basic segmentation.There will be a concept called "No Junk Mail". Banks, with the help of smart and advanced analytics would be able to send personalized mail based on...
mehul  |  Added idea  "stop innovation for banks and stop destroying people capital by making fake ideas"  |  5 years ago
stop innovations and fake ideas for banks..
Srikumar Aduri  |  Supported idea  "Product innovation and process re-engineering"  |  5 years ago
I support Leena's idea on Product innovation and process re-engineering. Because, without innovative products, it is very difficult to retain customer base. Particularly tough in a highly competitive landscape. Technology plays and has been...
Ideate: "How should the Indian banking sector develop through technology innovations?" deleted from your view.
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By : Archana Singh
Mohideen Faraman  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  5 years ago
S, its all public support ,easy way to all customer
Rashmi Chawla  |  Argues in support of  "No"  |  5 years ago
By outsourcing, Banks may scale up the ATM networking. But while outsoucing to a third party, the cost of setting up and running the ATM is borne by the service provider and the bank has to pay a fee for every transaction, which later Banks can...
Debate: "Will Banks decision to use outsource route to scale up ATM network be a right one?" deleted from your view.
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1 Facilitate with UID project
2 By leveraging existing network of Post Offices in India
By : Rashmi Patil
Sandeep Kule  |  Supported idea  "Facilitate with UID project"  |  4 years ago
I do support ur idea to associate the UID with Bank ID. This initiative makes it easy for banks to reach to every citizen. Once we acheive that, it will become the golden period for Banking Industry. This inturn will satisfy the social concern of...
Harindra J Bhatt  |  Supported idea  "Facilitate with UID project"  |  5 years ago
Great Idea. I'm in favour of your view. that would be a banking revolution. Every location can be covered under one roof. and Yes most importantly Inter Banking Transactions and Customer's Quality Services would be highlighted properly. More over...
praveenkumar  |  Supported idea  "Facilitate with UID project"  |  5 years ago
i will be agree with your comment, who are the people still under bpl they unable receive the banking services, i hope as per your statement the uid project will abe implement as early as possible
Ideate: "How centralised banking system should be implemented in Banks?" deleted from your view.
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ATMA RAM CHAVALI  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  5 years ago
Yes, financial inclusion is the need of the hour. PSBs and Grameenas Banks are already in the direction of adopting some of the villages and include every family in the books of the a bank. At the same time we should also educate them how best...
manikanta raj  |  Argues in support of  "No"  |  5 years ago
Until a visionary document created to achieve a task and policies are frame from input level to output and market the product and protect the poor at every level from product making till marketing by making all the apex institutions and banking...
Rashmi Chawla  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  5 years ago
I believe that financial inclusion is a great step to alleviate poverty in India. Financial inclusion is the availability of banking services at an affordable cost to disadvantaged and low-income groups. But to achieve this, the government should...
Debate: "Financial Inclussion the need of fthe hour." deleted from your view.
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India need more banks 
 Innovative banking methods
By : Swati Raut
Ajudiya Mayur C.  |  Argues in support of  "India need more banks"  |  4 years ago
no, India don't want more banks but if, the exiting banks will perform better than its good.
lalit shriram raut  |  Argues in support of  "Innovative banking methods"  |  4 years ago
I think innovative banks are the need of the country but above and over that i think with innovation socially responsible bank we need. See if the idea is only to reach to rural areas it can be done by the most profitable banks. But if asked are...
Swati Raut  |  Argues in support of  "India need more banks"  |  5 years ago
Yes India needs more banks at this moment. When crores of accounts are maintained on a common platform, the overhead costs would be thin on individual accounts and thus charges can be brought down to a great extent. The number of users in the...
Debate: "Does India need more banks?" deleted from your view.
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credit officer                         
Gaurav Goyal  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
curently i am working with ING VYSYA bank and have a total exerience of 6 yrs.  
Answer: "since how long you are in s.cart bank have you any other experience. what`s your service conditions/envirnment" deleted from your view.
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1 With over 72% of population having no access to financial services and mobile users getting larger than ever, think!
By : Noor Aftab
Noor Aftab  |  Added idea  "With over 72% of population having no access to financial services and mobile users getting larger than ever, think!"  |  2 years ago
I recently held the financial revolution conference back home in Islamabad, Pakistan where I moderated Economist stlye panel on the future of financial revolution in Pakistan where we talked about the 122 Million moible phone users versus the...
Ideate: "Financial Revolution in IndoPak lies in the marriage of banking and telecom industries" deleted from your view.
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