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Investment options for Middle Class

Tags : stock market, Investment , Middle Class, India
Industry : Asset Management, Banking, Equity Research/Analytics, Hedge Funds/VCs/Private Equity, Insurance
Functional Area : Derivatives, Equities, India, Personal Finance
About "Investment options for Middle Class" topic:

Indians are traditionally savings oriented but Only a small number of daring Indians ventured into the stock market. The big learning from the survey is certainly the seeming lack of attention paid by the urban middle class to Financial Planning. That too at a time of high decibel levels on matters of personal finance with enough light and sound in the media and among the public about the myriad investment options available. All that preaching is certainly not getting practiced. So here let us discuss what the Investment options are and which are the investment options for middle class people in India?

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1 Invest in Gold
2 Invest in Banks ie. in CDs', FDs' and other fixed interest securities
By : Ekta Dutta
Ajay Shah  |  Supported idea  "25% shares, 25% Mutual Funds, 25% Insurance&ULIP, 25%FDs"  |  4 years ago
The solution suggested is very simply stated without much complications. The solution seems moreover less balanced from all the angles and for all the ages.
Vipin Bhasin  |  Added idea  "Diversified Portfolio In True Manner "  |  4 years ago
Friends here we mentioned term "diversified portfolio" but if we want a "risk free investment" with good returns then we are not only go for diversification of investment products but also keep in mind that our portfolio will be combination of...
Ideate: "How can an investor ensure a 'risk free investment' from a diversied portfolio of assets in todays' market?" deleted from your view.
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1 SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
2 Earn Money with no Risk on forex fully automated invest RS:850 to Rs:2700000 convert to US dollars
By : Archana Singh
Arshad Ahmed  |  Supported idea  "Earn Money with no Risk on forex fully automated invest RS:850 to Rs:2700000 convert to US dollars"  |  1 year ago
please provide details of the owner of the company, company's location and business address and number of offices it has
farooq  |  Added idea  ""  |  1 year ago
It is not unusual for investors to inquire the prospect of investing in precious metals, particularly gold, followed by silver. Gold is expected to offer low returns and remain very volatile, more volatile than stocks.
Rijo Stephen Cletus  |  Supported idea  "SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)"  |  4 years ago
Parking your money in Mutual Funds is the best solution. Based on the risk appetite, you need to research and find for yourself the best mix of mutual funds for you.  You can choose between, diversified equities, equities, sector specific funds,...
Ideate: "For middle class salaried people, Which is the best investment options available in India?" deleted from your view.
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By : Deepak Tripathi
Sunny Sabharwal  |  Argues in support of  "No"  |  5 years ago
I understand that investors can be categorised based on their knowledge only. This is because all other factors like risk, return expectation, horizon, liquidity, tax benefits, etc. will all fit when they are actually aware what these parameters...
Deepak Tripathi  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  5 years ago
As far as suitability is concerned, for the true middle class, there are already options to invest in hedge fund like vehicles that are registered as mutual funds. Given the lack of asset flows into this niche area, would probably signify that...
Debate: " Will hedge funds become accessible to the middle class?" deleted from your view.
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1 HDFC Prudence Fund
2 SBI Magnum Taxgain Scheme 1993
By : Esha Johar
SIBA PRASAD MAZUMDAR  |  Added idea  "Boldness to eradicate corruption"  |  4 years ago
We need to be bold enough to tender protest. We must have courage to ventilate corruption to appropriate level.Above all our senior authorities should be honest.How this dream can be ventured & bring into reality.
Sharad Kiyal  |  Supported idea  "Birla Sun Life '95 Fund"  |  4 years ago
Birla Sun Life '95 Fund had shown very good growth and still it is showing very good growth in the market.
Ideate: "Which is the best mutual fund investment ?" deleted from your view.
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"Consumer Class" 
 "Savings Class"
By : Ekta Dutta
rakeshbhatnagar  |  Argues in support of  ""Consumer Class""  |  2 years ago
Middle class can not save because they spent over their living ,children"s education and rest is spent in maintaining / inching their status towards a higher level. Due to this they are not able to save.
pragati parihar  |  Argues in support of  ""Savings Class""  |  3 years ago
Indian middle class is more insecure about future than upper and lower class hence they save more than they consume.
Swati Raut  |  Argues in support of  ""Savings Class""  |  4 years ago
Indians are basically savings oriented. The growth of output of any economy depends on capital accumulation, which in turn requires investment and an equivalent amount of saving to match it. India Financial Market has promoted the savings of the...
Debate: "Indian middle class- Is it a 'consuming class or a saving class'" deleted from your view.
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Mutual Funds 
 Real Estate
By : Archana Singh
Chaitanya Krishna  |  Argues in support of  "Real Estate"  |  2 months ago
Mutual funds & Stocks are risky as the market is volatile .and its like u got to trust the people and invest ur hard earned money. but when it comes to real estate its the best thing that can ever happen to u i personally invested in real estate...
Vipin Bhasin  |  Argues in support of  "Mutual Funds"  |  4 years ago
Archana and others Please don't make comparison without amount, time period of investment etc etc.  If someone want to invest Rs.10k to 20k. Someone want to invest for very short period. Valuation of gold: it becomes 4 times from the prices 4-5...
Debate: "Real estate or Mutual funds in this current scenario?" deleted from your view.
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By : Jatin Dua
Jatin Dua  |  Argues in support of  "Investment "  |  3 years ago
For the people who wants to make investment in Real estate. I am Real Estate consultant promoting Bulder project for Imperia in G.Nodia. Contact me at 9871125799 can give u all a very lucarative options with 300% appreciation.
Debate: "Invest" deleted from your view.
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If your income is more than minimum tax-exempt slab, then the easiest way to save tax is to bring down that income to the exempt slab or the lowest slab possible. So, in case your income is Rs.3 lakh and you are working man, you must bring it down to Rs. 1.6 lakh so that you don't have to pay any tax. This can be done by making some investments that are allowed to be deducted from your income before tax is calculated. these investments not only save tax but can also but also be a part of your overall portfolio of wealth creation.So the smart thing to will be to not look at these as part of your tax saving exercise but to weave these investments into larger objective to wealth creation.
By : kalpesh chouhan  | New post
Insight: "The simple investing instrument tips that can help save tax......" deleted from your view.
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No, Its Criminal 
 Yes, Its good
By : Sanjay Bhatia
Sanjay Bhatia  |  Argues in support of  "No, Its Criminal"  |  4 years ago
The additional service tax on houses under construction has given me a jolt after severe jerks in form of BUDET 2010, which is totally anti common man, illogical and reflects a monopoly attitude of Congress Government. I am totally convinced that...
Debate: "Service Tax on Construction of house property in Budget 2010" deleted from your view.
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You all know these days sugar is in news lately with its ever increasing prices, and with less supply there is a greater demand for sugar these days, which is an essential commodity in everbody's hou...
By : Rashmi Chawla
vikash vardhman  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
i don't think it is the right time to buy sugar stocks . the reason is that the kind of news we are seeing about the strike of farmers of westurn up the price of sugar cane is about to rise. govt is very strict on the price rise on sugar. sales...
oliviaanderson  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone. -------- Best Stocks and Shares ISA
Answer: "Is this the right time to buy the sugar sector stocks? " deleted from your view.
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