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Jobs and career in It-Networking

Tags : IT- Admin., System administrator, Network engineer, Technical Lead.
Industry : Communications and Networking, Hardware, IT Services, ITES / BPO / Customer Service
About "Jobs and career in It-Networking " topic:

how long IT- Graduate, IT- Certified holders people will be Placed.

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1 IT
By : Md.Waseem
Md.Waseem  |  Added idea  "IT "  |  4 years ago
Ideate: "For IT People " deleted from your view.
Answer: "i am working telecom sector as a RF engineer and have 3 years of working experience but i want go in IT sector as software..." deleted from your view.
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I mean that it sector totally depends on outsourcing.But it might happen that in future other countries might also develop themslves in thi sector like mexico,vietnam etc.So howmuch secure is job in ...
By : Amit Saxena  | New post
Answer: "Is job in IT sector is good from long term persepective?" deleted from your view.
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Hi all I have done my RHCE now i am pursuing for MCITP. so may i get a job while i completing my MCITP?
By : Ashish Patole  | New post
Answer: "My i get a job while studing" deleted from your view.
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1 MTech or MBAor Job?
By : phanindra
Smita Sahai  |  Supported idea  "MTech or MBAor Job?"  |  3 years ago
Job would be better.... coz he has already wasted his time... If he is confident that he can do it then he can go for it.... else better to opt a job...
phanindra  |  Added idea  "MTech or MBAor Job?"  |  3 years ago
Which one is a better option for such kind of a graduate? Which one doesn't depend on his very poor background? And Can he get admission into any good B-School? Or into any IT Company? 
Ideate: "Career Options for a Eight-year Second Class Engineering Graduate?" deleted from your view.
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I am looking for a diverse career opportunities and hence looking for H1B Sponsoring companies for my sector (IT). I handle windows and citrix Servers PLEASE HELP
By : Sapna Panchal  | New post
Answer: "Can anyone help me with Fresh H1B Sponsoring companies ?" deleted from your view.
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Is any body your freind or yourr self can provide me job in IT sector or Communication Feild as i am B-tech holder in Electronoics and communication having 70% of degree. if there than plz help me i ...
By : tanujsood
suraj p g  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
Hi Tanuj,   Tanuj, You are an engineering graduate. And you are in this site which shows that you are a person who is really worth to be in some good positions. Dont lose your heart. Getting a Job means Buying a JOB by Selling your profile, your...
Ankit Goel  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
Hi Tanujsood, this is not the right way to reach out to companies. I think you should go and consult with some consultancy and there are so many job portals now for us.. you can easily find a relevant job or atleast a way to find the job...
Answer: "Is any body in your link which can provide me job in IT sector or In coomunication feild as i am FRSHER " deleted from your view.
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RAJINDER PAUL SINGH  |  Argues in support of  "India"  |  4 years ago
India is a big IT hub and New Zealand is good for living but very hard to seek your career in IT. The main role of IT compnies in NZ is just outsource s/ws from other countries like china & India.
Debate: "For a better career in IT which is better New Zealand or India???" deleted from your view.
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Cisco Networking Support 
By : Deepak
Deepak  |  Argues in support of  "Cisco Networking Support"  |  4 years ago
I can sort out ccna,ccnp and hardware problems
Debate: "Seeking assignments in Networking / System Administration / Technical Support with leading organizations " deleted from your view.
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computer networking 
By : Tahir Khokhar
Tahir Khokhar  |  Argues in support of  "computer networking"  |  3 months ago
intelligence is soul of national security.
Debate: "IT" deleted from your view.
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Posted by: Supriya Shankar
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Special Gift Packages for Employers in the dedicated site for Gulf Opportunities  Visit, a Job site exclusively for Jobs in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE – Gulf / Middle East. is an online platform exclusively offering Job seekers across the Globe with Job opportunities in the Gulf countries for employers to hire quality talent for their Gulf requirements from a targeted database of Job seekers who have opted for Jobs in the Gulf countries / gulf nationals.   Mission To provide a comprehensive platform and market for Job seekers and employers across the Globe to find their ideal jobs and candidates in the Gulf countries Special Package of $1500 value - Free exclusively for you : (USE PROMO CODE SPGTG060 and mail your registration details to )   Free Employer membership in the site  -- 3 page Micro site valid for 365 days 10 Hot Job 30 Free Job Posting  ...
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N etworking is the new buzzword in dictionaries of most people these days, particularly working professionals. Networking can help enhance your job search and career growth. The crux of networking is how one can connect with likeminded people for mutual benefit. Let us understand some key benefits of networking and then go on to some key traits required for effective networking. Key benefits of effective networking are: Access to information and ideas: Let's say that you want to decide if you should study mechanical or computer engineering. Talking to students, who are studying in these particular streams, would help you make a more informed decision. It also helps to remain abreast of industry trends and learn from each other. New opportunities: Networking helps to keep you on top of mind recall and to get opportunities. I remember that I had received one of the projects for summer internship during college as I had expressed my desire to work with a particular organisation. One...
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"The Parrot’s Training" ---- Rabindranath Tagore bi=4A57AB73-A4A0-40D5-551D-9502E9CD11FD ti=4A57AB73-A4A0-4FB5-251D-9502E9CD11FD ch=1   ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS a bird. It was ignorant. It sang all right, but never recited scriptures. It hopped pretty frequently, but lacked manners. Said the Raja to himself: ‘Ignorance is costly in the long run. For fools consume as much food as their betters, and yet give nothing in return.’ He called his nephews to his presence and told them that the bird must have a sound schooling. The pundits were summoned, and at once went to the root of the matter. They decided that the ignorance of birds was due to their natural habit of living in poor nests. Therefore, according to the pundits, the first thing necessary for this bird’s education was a suitable cage. The pundits had their rewards and went home happy. A golden cage was built with gorgeous decorations. Crowds came to see it from all...
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Tips to Increase Website PAGE RANK Page rank (PR) is a an algorithm for link analysis that has been named after a person named Larry Page and has been used by the Google search engine, which allocates a numerical weighting to every element of the hyperlinked set of documents, like the World Wide Web, with the reason of "measuring" its virtual significance within the sets. The algorithm might be practical to any number of entities with the reciprocal references and quotations. The numerical weight which it assigns to any known element E is referred as Page rank of E and is denoted by PR (E). Google has the trademark as “PageRank” . What is BACKLINKS Back links that are also recognized as incoming inbound links, links, inward links and inlinks are incoming links to a web page or website. Basically speaking in simple words, a back link is any link that has been received by a web node (directory, web page, top level domains or websites) from a different web node. The inbound links...
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Develop state-of-the-art mobile games Trends in mobile games and a survey of related J2ME APIs Throughout the IT industry's history, computer games have been one of the drivers behind technology innovations. Computer gamers are hungry for more hardware computing power; they are eager to push the limits of various software—from compelling graphics to artificial intelligence (AI) to network security. Game developers and players are often the earliest adopters of leading-edge computer technologies. Due to their innovative nature, games are not in danger of becoming technology commodities controlled by big outsourcing corporations—there is always plenty of room for talented individual innovators in this space. The market for games will continue to grow as the technology enhances the playing experience. As the enterprise IT revolution improves our work life by saving time and money, we spend more time and money on games to improve the general quality of life. Even in today's difficult...
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