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Jobs and career in It-Networking

Tags : IT- Admin., System administrator, Network engineer, Technical Lead.
Industry : Communications and Networking, Hardware, IT Services, ITES / BPO / Customer Service
About "Jobs and career in It-Networking " topic:

how long IT- Graduate, IT- Certified holders people will be Placed.

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1 IT
By : Md.Waseem
Md.Waseem  |  Added idea  "IT "  |  3 years ago
Ideate: "For IT People " deleted from your view.
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Cisco Networking Support 
By : Deepak
Deepak  |  Argues in support of  "Cisco Networking Support"  |  3 years ago
I can sort out ccna,ccnp and hardware problems
Debate: "Seeking assignments in Networking / System Administration / Technical Support with leading organizations " deleted from your view.
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RAJINDER PAUL SINGH  |  Argues in support of  "India"  |  3 years ago
India is a big IT hub and New Zealand is good for living but very hard to seek your career in IT. The main role of IT compnies in NZ is just outsource s/ws from other countries like china & India.
Debate: "For a better career in IT which is better New Zealand or India???" deleted from your view.
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Is any body your freind or yourr self can provide me job in IT sector or Communication Feild as i am B-tech holder in Electronoics and communication having 70% of degree. if there than plz help me i ...
By : tanujsood
suraj p g  |  Answered  |  3 years ago
Hi Tanuj,   Tanuj, You are an engineering graduate. And you are in this site which shows that you are a person who is really worth to be in some good positions. Dont lose your heart. Getting a Job means Buying a JOB by Selling your profile, your...
Ankit Goel  |  Answered  |  3 years ago
Hi Tanujsood, this is not the right way to reach out to companies. I think you should go and consult with some consultancy and there are so many job portals now for us.. you can easily find a relevant job or atleast a way to find the job...
Answer: "Is any body in your link which can provide me job in IT sector or In coomunication feild as i am FRSHER " deleted from your view.
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I am looking for a diverse career opportunities and hence looking for H1B Sponsoring companies for my sector (IT). I handle windows and citrix Servers PLEASE HELP
By : Sapna Panchal  | New post
Answer: "Can anyone help me with Fresh H1B Sponsoring companies ?" deleted from your view.
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1 MTech or MBAor Job?
By : phanindra
Smita Sahai  |  Supported idea  "MTech or MBAor Job?"  |  3 years ago
Job would be better.... coz he has already wasted his time... If he is confident that he can do it then he can go for it.... else better to opt a job...
phanindra  |  Added idea  "MTech or MBAor Job?"  |  3 years ago
Which one is a better option for such kind of a graduate? Which one doesn't depend on his very poor background? And Can he get admission into any good B-School? Or into any IT Company? 
Ideate: "Career Options for a Eight-year Second Class Engineering Graduate?" deleted from your view.
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Hi all I have done my RHCE now i am pursuing for MCITP. so may i get a job while i completing my MCITP?
By : Ashish Patole  | New post
Answer: "My i get a job while studing" deleted from your view.
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I mean that it sector totally depends on outsourcing.But it might happen that in future other countries might also develop themslves in thi sector like mexico,vietnam etc.So howmuch secure is job in ...
By : Amit Saxena  | New post
Answer: "Is job in IT sector is good from long term persepective?" deleted from your view.
Answer: "i am working telecom sector as a RF engineer and have 3 years of working experience but i want go in IT sector as software..." deleted from your view.
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C++, Advanced Java, OSD - Sr. Roles, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi / NCR
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