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Mobile Internet & You !!!

Tags : mobile internet, mobile subscribers, smart phones, mobile applications, iphone, nokia, internet, mobile, internet on mobile, free mobile internet, mobile email, mobile browser, 3g mobile
Industry : Telecom/ISP, Internet, Communications and Networking
Functional Area : Growth
About "Mobile Internet & You !!!" topic:

It is amazing to know that Internet is being a part of almost all of us but mobile internet has not been able to reach up-to that levels yet. Its because of ignorance among the users that their mobile phone can also be used to browse Internet & do some amazing things other than making calls and SMSing.

Mobile internet is really getting popular & the usage rate of mobile internet is also growing. In this topic, let us understand the potential of mobile internet & how to make most of it to our advantage? The time has come for Mobile Internet .

Share your thoughts....

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1 Opera Mini
2 Opera Mobile
By : Mahalakshmi Subramanium
Rahul Godha  |  Added idea  "Rahul"  |  2 years ago
I think Opera is best. Its most popular as well I am not sure if dolphin is available for windows platform You can fine the best windows mobiles from here: Windows mobile
Ijas Rahman  |  Supported idea  "Opera Mini"  |  5 years ago
Now.. Most of the Mobile Companies Like Nokia are launching preloaded Opera Mini.. Also d performance was quite better apart from other browsers.. data's are transferring freely..relatd to the GPRS performence..  
Ajay Kashyap  |  Supported idea  "Opera Mini"  |  5 years ago
I agree with my friend, Opera mini is one of the frequently used mobile browser. Even I use opera browser to surf internet in my mobile. It is fast, easy to use and has many features. All Java ME based mobiles can run this application. I have...
Ideate: "Which are the most Popular Mobile Browsers?" deleted from your view.
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By : Sonal Singh
phanindra  |  Argues in support of  "No"  |  4 years ago
everybody cant own a smart phone which enables them to do everything they do in pc with their mobile. until then PC rules.
Neeraj  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  4 years ago
For 'traditional' internet services to remain ahead of 'mobile' based internet services requires a HUGE investment in infrastructure - namely, installation of a lot more (land)lines and associate exchanges. But, Indians, always on the look-out for...
Suvrajit Gangopadhyay  |  Argues in support of  "No"  |  5 years ago
Even though there is a huge potential in India regarding the no. of mobile users I don't see the no. of mobile internet users exceeding the traditional internet users as a distinct possibility in the near future (7 to 10 years). I say this...
Debate: "Will Mobile Internet users surpass the number of traditional Internet users in India?" deleted from your view.
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Send free international SMS from mobile Hyderabad-based, one of India’s largest free SMS service providers for the first time in the country enables its consumers send free SMS from mobile phone. This service is available to mobile phones with Internet connectivity across India and to UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. The application has triggered 1,17,760 downloads in just a month. The first of its kind service is open to all registered users in India and enables free SMS connectivity to mobiles in these countries. This service comes as one of the most interesting and useful development in internet/communication domain for people who wish...
By : Sonal Singh
Radha Sundaram  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
This is a really very good news. It will help the relatives of people staying abroad very much. Nice article Sonal, Thanks for sharing...
Abdul Raheem.Syed  |  Commented  |  5 years ago
It's a good news.This would help the techies to save their SMS costs.However,it should have been compatible with any OS than Symbian.It would be great if the service can be expanded to Americas and Asian countries.
Trends: "Send free international SMS from mobile" deleted from your view.
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1 Blackberry 9500
2 nokia
By : Sonal Singh
lindanne  |  Added idea  "i think is nokia"  |  8 months ago
I am using nokia phone and find it works very well. I like nokia
Rohit  |  Supported idea  "Blackberry 9500"  |  4 years ago
yaa ofcourse i thin STORM 9500 is best in d given series!!!!!!!!!!
Ideate: "Which is the best Mobile device for Internet accessing?" deleted from your view.
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1 Cellular broadband
2 Near Field Communication
By : Radha Sundaram
Mitesh  |  Supported idea  "Near Field Communication"  |  5 years ago
Mitesh  |  Added idea  "Near Field Communication"  |  5 years ago
The upcoming technology that will change the way we use our mobile devices today. I guess mobile operators of india must bring this here. It has a great business potential. Today most of the eletronic payment are done through special device...
Mitesh  |  Supported idea  "Near Field Communication"  |  5 years ago
Ideate: "What are the Mobile Technologies that one should look out in 2009??" deleted from your view.
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2 3G features
By : Abhinav Garg
ktaja  |  Supported idea  "3G features "  |  4 years ago
Android has done a good job of showcasing what 3G is all about. Further with its "open" app store, the best ideas always win. 3G will be driven by evolving user needs - many of which some of us cannot even imagine today. As an example, who ever...
rahul gupta  |  Supported idea  "3G features "  |  5 years ago
well i would like know your views on the business aspects of 3g like 1 .will i be able to use a my 3g enabled mobile to open a cyber cafe in my village with 3 or 4 computers. 2.can it act as a substitute for my DTH and  can i sumhow connect it to...
Ideate: "What are the 3G features that one wants most in their mobile phones??" deleted from your view.
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1 3rd Generation (3G)
2 Android (mobile device platform)
By : Abhinav Garg
Shyamal Maity  |  Added idea  "Android (mobile device platform)"  |  6 years ago
If your are a developer freak and love to write codes, then it is advisable to go for an Android mobile device platform. This will help in your career point of view.
Abhinav Garg  |  Added idea  "3rd Generation (3G)"  |  6 years ago
As 3G is the latest technology for multimedia content allowing for online gaming, TV, video messages and more on your mobile phones.This is a definite contender one should look into.
Ideate: "How to land up buying the right mobile phone?" deleted from your view.
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The iPhone has been out, and there’s no doubt a large number of developers have already churned a number of cool apps for it. From the ones we could find, we selected the top 25 iPhone apps and made a list (with descriptions!) — just to make your life easier. So, in no particular order: iPhoneChat One of the missing features of the iPhone is a chat/IM application. iPhoneChat lets you use AIM as if Steve Jobs owned AOL. Log in and chat with multiple contacts with tabs, just like the SMS function on your iPhone. Google Reader No doubt one of the exciting things with phones these days is being able to get information right there and then. And the Google Reader application by David Cann takes y...
By : Rajdeep Rathod  | New post
Insight: "Top 25 Web Apps for iPhone" deleted from your view.
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Spirit@Work What is Spirit@Work ? It is a high-powered facilitator led creative meeting, where you along with other delegates work together to learn, share experiences, issues, questions, ideas, practices, and insights on a key operational topic. It is an Action packed Learning platform, where delegates can seek solutions to their real problems, build relationships. The facilitator acts as a catalyst who stimulates everyone to participate steers the direction of the group to achieve their goals. The interesting part of our unconference is that there will be No Speakers, No Presentations, and No strict rules or Structure to follow. This is not to suggest that the unconference will not have c...
By : Siva Sai Kolluru  | New post
Insight: "Unconference Spirit@Work" deleted from your view.
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BIGFlix subscribers can now borrow and return their DVDs while on-the-move through their mobile phones by using the newly launched BIGFlix Mobile Smart Client or the BIGFlix WAP site. To download the BIGFlixSmart Client application to their handheld devices, users have to SMS 'BIGFLIX' to 55454. BIGFlix will then send a SMS reply containing an active link ''. The user has to click on this link to download the application, followed by few step-by-step on-screen installation instructions. Subsequent to a successful installation, the BIGFlix Smart Client is ready to use. The BIGFlix Smart Client runs on J2ME-capable handsets made by manufacturers such as Nokia, Blackbe...
By : Mahalakshmi Subramanium
Insight: "Movie Rental Goes Mobile. Will people prefer this?" deleted from your view.
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