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Scope Of Production & Industrial Engineering

Tags : engineering mechanical, production engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturer
Industry : Products/Heavy Machinery
Functional Area : Product Development
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Topic on engineering mechanical, production engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturer

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Industrial production shrinks by 2% as compared to the previous years 8% despite a stimulus package announced by the government to boost sagging demand. The manufacturing sector, which has a weight of about 80 per cent in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP), registered negative growth of 2.5 per cent against a rise of 8.6 per cent in December 2007. The production of consumer durables and consumer non-durables as well as intermediate items declined. Consumer durables production fell as much as 12.8 per cent. For the first nine months of the current fiscal, industrial growth stood at 3.2 per cent against 9 per cent a year ago. The official advance estimates released earlier this week peg...
By : Isha Verma
Pmb Softnet  |  Commented  |  1 year ago
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Trends: "Industrial Production Shrinks" deleted from your view.
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This is azeem MBA in Marketing - HR from I.M.S, Ghaziabad, looking for career in forging industry in marketing domain. In forging Industry What are future opportunities ? Best forging company to work...
By : Azeem Mirza Mirza  | New post
Answer: "Scope of marketing in forging industry " deleted from your view.
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It is my project for final year B.E. Production.I have to suggest some plan for performing preventive maintenance activities in our plant. The various m/c includes mechanical & hydraulic press breaks,...
By : gaurav thosar.  | New post
Answer: "How to schedule preventive maintenance activities of a manufacturing plant having about 150nos. of different m/c ?" deleted from your view.
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I need details Role of Methods engineer, I am working in one of the Aerospace components manufacturing comp
By : obulesu  | New post
Answer: "Could u explain briefly about Methods engineer " deleted from your view.
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BASWALING.MANGOLI  |  Argues in support of  "I NOT GETTING GOOD MNC JOBS "  |  3 years ago
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Why do companies prefer B.Tech Chemical Engineers to B.Tech Biotech in production jobs and are prefered to B.Techs in R D i really want someone from the industry to answer. If B.Tech's are neith...
By : Nithya Selvan Ravichandran
bharath  |  Answered  |  3 years ago
But a Btech industrial biotechnologist has enough insight in chemical field which i feel is enough to work in such leading firms.
Vinayakumar I Gurav  |  Answered  |  4 years ago
It usually depends on the kind of requirement. If the production side is more process oriented then yes chemical engineering suits better than biotech and if there is a need for bio science and technology then B.Tech Biotechs are preferred....
Answer: " chemical engineers are prefered to biotechnologists in Biopharma/bio production jobs and biotechs are..." deleted from your view.
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 Responsible for setting change in CNC machine as per producti 
  Analyzing existing processes / procedures; conducting analysi
By : tsthiyagarajan
tsthiyagarajan  |  Argues in support of  " Responsible for setting change in CNC machine as per producti"  |  4 years ago
 Currently associated with Woosu Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. as Team Leader.  Significant experience in managing production operations with key focus on optimal utilization of resources.  Result oriented record of streamlining the working SOPs...
Debate: " A dynamic professional with over 7 years of experience in Manufacturing, Utmost for the improvement, of Organization & Manu" deleted from your view.
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1 Why not promote freelancing jobs in India in the field of chemical engineering?
By : Pawan B Agarwal
Pawan B Agarwal  |  Supported idea  "Why not promote freelancing jobs in India in the field of chemical engineering?"  |  4 years ago
Yes, It will be helpful for both professionals as well as for industry.
Pawan B Agarwal  |  Added idea  "Why not promote freelancing jobs in India in the field of chemical engineering?"  |  4 years ago
What is the current status of freelancing jobs in chemical engineering in India & how it can be useful for engineers & industry.
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1 Tele marketing
2 Actual Product Demo
By : Anurag Bhusari
Jaygopal Raghavan  |  Added idea  "Actual Product Demo"  |  4 years ago
Since your target market is heavy industrial gaints, these people would be better convinced by showing the actual product demo however large or small the product is. This can be gained by either inviting the customer to your place or taking the...
Anurag Bhusari  |  Supported idea  "Tele marketing"  |  4 years ago
Thank you for your time and contribution, what u said is perfectly wright
Ideate: "How can we innovatively promote or market a new product in core Industrial sector?" deleted from your view.
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give most favorite topics 
 take all the structural members
By : jaivir singh duddi
Pragya Kothari  |  Argues in support of  "give most favorite topics"  |  5 years ago
Dear Jaivir, did you search and ? I am sure you will get a lot of interesting articles there in your field....
Debate: "please, help me for the new industry topics on structure for my thesis........" deleted from your view.
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Michigan researchers have built a prototype of a new auto motor that does away with pistons, crankshafts and valves, replacing the old internal combustion engine with a disc-shaped shock wave generator. It could slash the weight of hybrid cars and reduce auto emissions by 90 percent. The generator is about the size of a saucepot, and would replace the 1,000-pound power train in most cars — no transmission, cooling system, emissions regulation or fluids needed. Norbert Müller and colleagues at Michigan State University showed off the new motor prototype at a meeting with the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency. It consists of a rotor carved with wave-like channels. Fuel and air enter through central inlets, and the rotor spins to block their exit through a separate outlet. The sudden build-up of pressure generates a shock wave, compressing the mixture. Then it’s ignited, and as the rotor keeps spinning, the outlet opens again to let the hot gases escape. new...
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Special Gift Packages for Employers in the dedicated site for Gulf Opportunities  Visit, a Job site exclusively for Jobs in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE – Gulf / Middle East. is an online platform exclusively offering Job seekers across the Globe with Job opportunities in the Gulf countries for employers to hire quality talent for their Gulf requirements from a targeted database of Job seekers who have opted for Jobs in the Gulf countries / gulf nationals.   Mission To provide a comprehensive platform and market for Job seekers and employers across the Globe to find their ideal jobs and candidates in the Gulf countries Special Package of $1500 value - Free exclusively for you : (USE PROMO CODE SPGTG060 and mail your registration details to )   Free Employer membership in the site  -- 3 page Micro site valid for 365 days 10 Hot Job 30 Free Job Posting  ...
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After ITeS, the retail sector   is touted to be the next biggest job spinner in the country. Till now, retail jobs in India have been looked at as low-paying and meant for plain graduates. But with organised retailing in the country poised to assume gigantic proportions, the sector will spawn a vast number of jobs across the spectrum, according to a recent study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers. The study said retail sales accounted for 10% of the GDP in '04, with a market size of $207bn, and the sector is expected to grow at 15.6% with the potential of creating over 2m new (direct) jobs within the next five years. Currently, the share of the organised sector is $6bn, constituting 3% of the total market size. "With the boom in the retailing sector, the HR scenario is also slowly evolving. There is now a desire in freshers as well as experienced professionals in affiliated industries (FMCG, hospitality and other service sectors) to look at retail industry with potential of offering...
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