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The impact of social media on innovation

Tags : Social media, blogs, forums, web, software product manager, product software, software products, product development, product management software, product manager careers, product life cycle management, product marketing manager, product manager, product management, software
Industry : IT Products, IT Services
Functional Area : Web 2.0 +, New Technologies
About "The impact of social media on innovation" topic:

Brainstorm on how your customers are writing about your company in the millions of blogs, forums, and affinity communities exploding across the Web-rating your products, re-defining your brand, even engaging with your competitors through new online communities to create products and services that beat yours.

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By : Amit Ganguly
BAIJ NATH MALI  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  5 years ago
We can equate the difference like writing an essay and replying to objective type questions in Exams. The social media needs to be comprehensive whereas Commercial media is short piece of presentation. Social media has to present all goods bads,...
Sandipan Saha  |  Argues in support of  "No"  |  5 years ago
I think at last what matters is there reach and both of them has large reach. Then how can they be different, they both solve the basic necessity of media.
Debate: "Is Social media different from Commercial media" deleted from your view.
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Transparency, authenticity and credibility are the three mantras to the success of the any media platform, and this is true even in the case of social media, to make business sense. This is even more important as more and more company representatives, knowingly or unknowingly, engage themselves in social media communication. In these circumstances, the thin line between what is ethical and unethical for the consumer, and also from the business perspective, becomes very difficult to demarcate.   Today, social media is an outlet not just for sharing information with the world, either from customer to customer, or from consumer to business or the other way round, but is also an important platf...
By : Shilpashri  | New post
Trends: "Will regulation of social media help businesses and consumers?" deleted from your view.
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