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trends in HR

Tags : Trends in hr, trends, future trends, market trends, HR, human resource, hr management,
Industry : Human resource (HR) consulting
Functional Area : change management
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Discuss recent trends that are being observed in HR domain......

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In a bid to understand why employees leave an organization, more and more companies are taking exit interviews seriously and making effective changes on the feedback. Some companies are even taking services of specialized HR companies to conduct exit interviews. Exit interviews reveal a lot about the culture of a company, the management style, the compensation and opportunities for growth. With attrition rate as high as 30 per cent in sectors like BPOs, companies are curious to know why employees make that final decision. Feedback from exit interviews is helping companies come up with systemic remedies. For instance, one company revamped the entire salary structure, pruned hierarchy to enab...
By : J Senthil kumar
Jagdeep Kaur (  |  Commented  |  3 years ago
It is very important that companies take exit interviews seriously rather than just making it a formal process to be executed just to complete the HR process.Currently it has been observed, top IT companies rarely take any steps to learn from the...
Harshita Kesarwani  |  Commented  |  3 years ago
Exit interviews is good both for the empolyee & the organisation. Its makes a person leave the copmany the respect and a feeling that she/he is important for the company while leaving. Employee leaving mostly provides information which is of great...
Shashikant Rajak  |  Commented  |  6 years ago
Even I feel exit interviews are essential and gives at least some info on loopholes which management needs to give a serious thought.
Insight: "Emerging HR Trend: Taking Exit Interviews Seriously" deleted from your view.
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HRmarketer has released its Trends in HR Marketing report, “Where HR Suppliers Spent their Marketing and PR Dollars in 2008 and What’s Ahead in 2009.” The report collected data based on responses from a diverse group of HR and employee benefits suppliers during Q4 of 2008. What Worked During 2008 The report asked respondents what marketing and PR activities they used in 2008 and what they plan to use in 2009. Direct e-mail marketing was the favored tactic and will continue to be in 2009, followed by search engine optimization and distributing regular monthly press releases to media contacts and over a wire service. The report also found the marketing tactics growing the most include Web 2.0...
By : Rohit Mittal
Insight: "HR Trends in Marketing & Social Networking" deleted from your view.
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1 freshers or experienced
2 recruitment process a solution of unemployment in recession.
By : jagdeep sachdeva
KALIYAMOORTHY  |  Added idea  "Its only cosmetics"  |  4 years ago
Firstly,Campus recruitment forms a bridge between Academician Industrialists. Secondly, it boosts the morale of students motivates to pursue studies more confidently.Thirdly, it is a means to spread the image of the Institution the Industry. Hope...
Mythili  |  Added idea  "Freshers"  |  4 years ago
Its obviously beneficial b'coz we can explore the new and fresh minds with lots of innovation and dreams.. Its also a gradual solution for the unemployment scenario which is seen nowadays.
Anita Rajbhar  |  Supported idea  "freshers or experienced"  |  5 years ago
I am completely agree to  this . Its an oppertunity to discover new talents and enhance them it will be good for both ( employee organization).
Ideate: "is campus recruitment beneficial over recruitment of experienced or not?" deleted from your view.
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I see resumes every day that just aren't ready for prime time. Everyone in our business has their likes and dislikes, but in your opinion what makes one piece of paper stand out from the other? I'm i...
By : Kalaivani R
Ajay Ziz  |  Answered  |  5 years ago
Gargi Sinha  |  Answered  |  5 years ago
According to me the Keywords in the resume makes it stand out actually lke... 1.Names of widely known companies 2. Job titles, such as consultant, administrative assistant, customer service, bookkeeping 3. Competency statements, such as change...
Answer: "What makes one piece of paper stand out from the other?" deleted from your view.
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By : Ranjnendu Verma
shipra swaraj  |  Argues in support of  "YES THEY HAVE BETTER OPPORTUNITY THEN MEN"  |  3 years ago
in my opinion, both women and men have equal oppurtunities in the field of HR. Gender is not an issue as long as one is capable of carrying out their work efficiently and producing the desired result.An organisation wants the best employee to...
Edward C Maben  |  Argues in support of  "NO MEN ARE MORE DOMINATING/ BOTH HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES"  |  4 years ago
I guess there also must have a neutral feedback here. Its not a male exclusive or a female exclusive world. In a corporate world there cannot be male female dominance, but the dominance of ability to do the job right. I guess Darwins theory...
S. Muralidharan  |  Argues in support of  "YES THEY HAVE BETTER OPPORTUNITY THEN MEN"  |  4 years ago
Brain has no gender. You are controlled by five elements, be it man or woman, air has no odour, water has no taste, fire does not discriminate, earth holds everyone,same is ether. Therefore, it is not a gender-oriented world. Whosoever does a job,...
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Globalisation Mar on HR 
 High level of perspectives in MNC's
GAUTAM BAHL  |  Argues in support of  "Globalisation Mar on HR"  |  4 years ago
Initiative must be take for Balancing between those Who Hav and thoe who hav not.
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Terminating employees can be extremely stressful and traumatic for both management and employees. This requires special skills and thorough planning to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. How the...
By : Raghavendra  | New post
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1 HR metric scorecard
2 Retention metric
By : Gargi Sinha
Ameet Ranjan  |  Supported idea  "HR metric scorecard"  |  4 years ago
I completely agree with Diya, that there is no such qualitative quantitativecalculate monitor the performance of HR poeople. But as suggested by Dia we can go HR score card another options are HR audit. As we should compare the audit data with...
kshantaram  |  Added idea  "strategic organisation values and culture"  |  4 years ago
talent acqusition and retention as well as employee morale and productivity are related to organisation values and culture making it a preferred or brand employer - hence hr's role in promoting organisation values and culture and retaining and...
Ideate: "How to measure HR performance in corporates?" deleted from your view.
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So which political party is better for the HRMS Software Industry? Before I start this article, it’s important to note that I consider myself to be an independent who leans right. That being said, I will try my best to present the most unbiased HRMS software article possible. At this point, I think we have all had plenty of political spin so I don’t need to add any more. The HRMS software industry is tied very closely to our nation’s economy. Many organizations are not going to view HRMS software as a requirement when funds are tight. Those HR systems that offer payroll or time collection may be less vulnerable due to the fact that these two items are rarely going to be viewed as luxury ite...
By : DiscussHR  | New post
Insight: "So which political party is better for the HRMS Software Industry?" deleted from your view.
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1 Publish its link in different website.
2 what are the trends in e-commerse
By : Shailena Varma
pv.vijayabhanu  |  Added idea  "what are the trends in e-commerse"  |  5 years ago
This web based sales are welcome.People are get to know various products instaneosly and can choose the best. However the greatest threat for this is the quality of the product.How far the manufaturers are honest in sending the product they...
Mohammadarif.A.Shaikh  |  Added idea  "Publish its link in different website."  |  5 years ago
The new trend in E-Commerce is that they are publising there link in different website so that the more person can see it and can come to there website and the sales takeplace.
Ideate: "What are the trends in E-Commerce?" deleted from your view.
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Posted by: Mohammad Asghar Naqvi (Amrohvi)
Activity: 0 referals , 1 comments, 171 views  
Personal growth doesn't have to be a mystery. You can learn and change, becoming the person you dream of being. It just takes paying attention to the ten keys of personal growth. 1. Take time to dream. Personal growth requires investing a little time in exploring your own desires and hopes. How can you know if you are growing if your goals are unclear? 2. Keep a journal. Journaling is a wonderful method of increasing personal growth in several ways. For one thing, it gives you a place to record those rumblings of distant dreams and the achievements you'd like to make. Second, it gives you a way to keep track of progress you're making toward your goals. 3. Make mistakes. A person who never makes any mistakes can only be a person who never does anything! If you are to grow, you will have to act, sometimes in a risky way. You are bound to make mistakes on the way to personal growth. 4. But, learn from your mistakes. Mistakes can be stepping stones on the way to success if we analyze...
Posted by: varsha
Activity: 1 referals , 4 comments, 688 views  
Roxanne Ravenel The current job market is challenging for everyone. Job hunters are finding themselves in a long, grueling job hunt – despite years of experience and impressive degrees. Yet, many job hunters are finding success. There is no single formula for job search success. However, Daniel Johnson, Jr., host of How I Got My Job, has noticed that successful job hunters do have some characteristics in common. Daniel has interviewed more than 40 successful job hunters on his podcast. During a recent episode of the Savvy Jobseeker Podcast, Daniel shared five outstanding characteristics shared by several of them. Here are three: Adaptability Successful job hunters adapt to meet employers’ needs. Their adaptability makes them stand out. Bill Green got his job as an administrative assistant with a non-profit organization by demonstrating his adaptability through volunteering. Bill looked for things that needed to be done in the organization and he did them. When his stint as a...
Posted by: Hiren Sheth
Activity: 0 referals , 1 comments, 307 views  
We hear about the importance of business plans all the time, and many entrepreneurs would never think of launching a new venture without one. Most startups carefully plan production, distribution and delivery, and even internal culture. When it comes to putting together a long term, strategic marketing plan though, it’s shocking how many small to midsized companies skip it altogether. It often seems like marketing is something that’s an afterthought.  Everyone knows it needs to be done, but we’ll figure it out as we go along. Marketing is not something to take lightly though. In fact, it can literally make or break a business. You can have all the other pieces in place – a great product, a seamless sales process, outstanding service, etc. – and if you don’t do a great job with marketing, none of it will matter. Sure, word of mouth will (eventually) help, but the more people spreading the word, the better, and marketing is the only way you’re going to get the process moving forward....
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