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Web 2.0 and the Impact on the Enterprise

Tags : Enetrprise, corporate, corporates 2.0, web 2.0, youtube, facebook, myspace, blog, blogs, web 3.0, enterprise 2.0, internet 2.0, social networking, social network, social networking sites, chat, open social, social media, linkedin
Industry : Internet
Functional Area : Web 2.0 +, New Technologies
About "Web 2.0 and the Impact on the Enterprise" topic:

Discussion will be on Enterprise Social Networking and how it can best integrate with current internet applications and many more.

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According to Forrester Research, there will be strong demand for web 2.0 tools in the enterprise in 2008. Even though 42% of enterprises say adding web 2.0 tools is not on their agenda, according to a Q3 2007 survey, Forrester expects that half of those will change their mind and embrace web 2.0 tools by year end. In the report Top Enterprise Web 2.0 Predictions For 2008 , analyst Oliver Young gives three reasons why he thinks 2008 is the year that IT departments will take their heads out of the sand and embrace web 2.0 technologies. For the sake of clarity, Forrester's definition of web 2.0 is, A set of technologies and applications that enable efficient interaction among people, content, ...
By : Leena Pawar
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Web 2.0 
 Enterprise 2.0
By : Nasir Hussain
zion  |  Argues in support of  "Web 2.0"  |  4 years ago
From a B2B perspective, I guess, marketers are changing their strategies in accordance with the consumption patterns of Customer 2.0.So, in my knowledge, web 2.0 evolves as the patterns continue to change and is an augmented product addressing the...
Sujit Nimje  |  Argues in support of  "Enterprise 2.0"  |  5 years ago
Enterprise 2.0 is inherently organizationally focused. The enterprise interacts with web 2.0 technology from a data centric standpoint.  This drives adoption patterns, popularity curves, and benefit analysis.  The enterprise, however, is driven by...
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Changes in economy today, demand skilling and re-skilling of knowledge workers and in my view (and view of many learning pundits including Jay Cross) suggest that traditional sequential instructional models limit themselves. Recent research outlines 80% of learning happens with peers outside the classroom in an informal environment rather than in a structured class room setting! Yet organizations spend 99.99% of their budgets in developing structured education, training and learning programs. There are various reasons why this is the case and some of it relates to us, the learning development professionals, we do not believe that a learner could be left to learn on their own!! Secondly the ...
By : Kapil Bhasin  | New post
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From blogs to social networks to innovation pads, the Mahindra group is redefining the way its employees collaborate. The result—over 400 ideas generated, a meltdown in existing cultural barriers and a phenomenal boost in peer networking and knowledge sharin. “Although IT professionals and new-generation employees are well-versed with using the Internet and other web-based platforms, this may not be true for employees from the older generation. Our main challenge was to bring everyone on the same platform, and break down possible cultural barriers that existed between companies and employees,” explains Arvind Tawde, Senior VP and CIO, Mahindra Mahindra. Read More
By : Viraj Mehta
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what are WEB2.0 implications on Knowledge Management- challenges and its solutions?  I am working on topic 'WEB2.0 implications on Knowledge Management- challenges and its solutions' as part of my fi...
By : Saurabh Misra  | New post
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