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what drives or motivates us to do any things and what stops us from doing ?

Tags : human psychology/motivation
About "what drives or motivates us to do any things and what stops us from doing ?" topic:

motivation behind our every action or inaction

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This is really a question of human psychology and I want to know the real reason what really motivates us to do whatever we do.
SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE  |  Answered  |  3 years ago
A thirst to live the life KING-SIZE motivates us to do any thing if you have a will then nothing will stop you from achieving it. Thanks for referral, Ms. Anita.
Mohammad Bakhsh  |  Answered  |  3 years ago
Thanks,Viirag  and Anita for referral. The determination to excel and fear of failure. Cheers to all
Rohit Thakur  |  Answered  |  3 years ago
Our eagerness drives us to involve in some activity and anxiety keeps us to maintain a safe way from any wrongdoing!! Well this is my personal feeling...
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1 How do you motivate your team?
By : Synergita
Synergita  |  Added idea  "How do you motivate your team?"  |  4 months ago
Motivation is one of the key ingredients to bring out the best from any one.  Salary is often enough to keep employees working for an  organization , but not necessarily enough to capitalize on their full potential.   Practical ways to motivate...
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Posted by: Mohammad Asghar Naqvi (Amrohvi)
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Personal growth doesn't have to be a mystery. You can learn and change, becoming the person you dream of being. It just takes paying attention to the ten keys of personal growth. 1. Take time to dream. Personal growth requires investing a little time in exploring your own desires and hopes. How can you know if you are growing if your goals are unclear? 2. Keep a journal. Journaling is a wonderful method of increasing personal growth in several ways. For one thing, it gives you a place to record those rumblings of distant dreams and the achievements you'd like to make. Second, it gives you a way to keep track of progress you're making toward your goals. 3. Make mistakes. A person who never makes any mistakes can only be a person who never does anything! If you are to grow, you will have to act, sometimes in a risky way. You are bound to make mistakes on the way to personal growth. 4. But, learn from your mistakes. Mistakes can be stepping stones on the way to success if we analyze...
Posted by: varsha
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Roxanne Ravenel The current job market is challenging for everyone. Job hunters are finding themselves in a long, grueling job hunt – despite years of experience and impressive degrees. Yet, many job hunters are finding success. There is no single formula for job search success. However, Daniel Johnson, Jr., host of How I Got My Job, has noticed that successful job hunters do have some characteristics in common. Daniel has interviewed more than 40 successful job hunters on his podcast. During a recent episode of the Savvy Jobseeker Podcast, Daniel shared five outstanding characteristics shared by several of them. Here are three: Adaptability Successful job hunters adapt to meet employers’ needs. Their adaptability makes them stand out. Bill Green got his job as an administrative assistant with a non-profit organization by demonstrating his adaptability through volunteering. Bill looked for things that needed to be done in the organization and he did them. When his stint as a...
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